Minecraft Fan’s Texture Pack Warden Adds New Horror Update to Wild


Minecraft Fan’s Texture Pack Warden Adds New Horror Update to Wild

An imaginative player turns the Minecraft Guardian into a nightmarish creature for their custom texture pack, making the monster look terrifying.

MinecraftWarden’s hostile mob, officially introduced in the game with the wild update, it’s been made even more hideous in a fan’s custom texture pack. It’s a common occurrence for players to create their own texture packs, and they often tend to treat hostile mobs with terrifying redesigns.

MinecraftThe notorious Ghasts, ghostly flying monsters that reside in the Nether, are often transformed into even more disturbing creatures by fans. One astute player, for example, decided to retexture Ghasts into Minecraft in floating flesh-colored maws with a set of similarly colored tentacles below them. The result was reminiscent of Stephen King’s Langoliers but with human teeth. Strangely, Ghasts seemed scarier this way. At the same time, Reddit users came up with some dentist-related jokes, poking fun at the creatures for their strange exterior.


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Like MinecraftWarden’s new enemy wasn’t horrible enough in his default design, Redditor fishy mint shared an alternate hostile mob version of his mythic texture pack. The player has taken advantage of a higher texture resolution, which allowed him to add additional detail to the creature’s exterior. The mob took on a more menacing, nightmarish appearance complemented by a second set of jaws located under the monster’s open ribcage. According to FishyMint, re-texturing Warden at 64x resolution was hard work. Despite the overall high quality of the redesign, the player feels that some parts of the custom skin look rough and require additional refinement. Those interested in a close encounter with the custom Guardian at Minecraft you can download the texture pack from curseforge.

Guardians might be among the most spectacular additions to Minecraft as part of the wild update, but there are plenty of other things for players to explore. For some reason, Mojang had to remove features from Minecraft‘s the wild update, provoking a stream of criticism from the community. Fans have been waiting for a long-requested overhaul of birch forests and swamps, but none of these improvements have arrived yet. On top of that, the developers got rid of the fireflies, depriving the game of such an immersive little detail.

FishyMint’s attempt at retexturing Minecraft‘s Warden, coupled with Redditors’ enthusiastic response to the unique design, clearly shows that the creature is well on its way to becoming one of MinecraftThe most emblematic hostile mafias. And while the monster’s custom texture looks spooky and intimidating, it’s worth remembering that the Mojang team is responsible for the creature’s existence and terrifying original design. Judging by how pleased the community is with Warden’s addition, it looks like the Creepers could soon be dethroned by a worthy contender in the category of the world’s scariest mob. Minecraft.

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Font: Fishy Mint/Reddit

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