Minecraft ‘doesn’t update to v1.19 on Xbox’; “Realms don’t work on Switch”


[Updated] Minecraft freezing or getting stuck after 1.18.30 update on Nintendo Switch; other platforms might be affected too

Since its release in November 2011, Minecraft has taken the internet by storm. Over the years, the sandbox game has become a phenomenon with over 170 million monthly active players worldwide.

Developed and published by Mojang Studios, players are placed in a procedurally generated world where they can build whatever they want.


Can’t update Minecraft to v1.19 on Xbox

That said, Minecraft players are now reporting an issue where the game won’t update on Xbox to v1.19 (1,two,3).

While some say that they cannot see the update on their system, others say that they were able to update the game but nothing changed.

Players are frustrated that they can’t play with their friends. Generic troubleshooting steps like restarting and reinstalling the game don’t help either.


I have a kingdom in Minecraft Xbox one and my friend says he can’t join unless the kingdom is updated. We both update Minecraft but the kingdom says “an update might be coming, check the store” but when I check the store he tells me to buy the game even though I have it. No updates on games and apps but every time I start minecraft it says installation stopped. Aid?

I’m on Bedrock edition and it’s stuck on v1.18.31 and I can’t get it to update in the Microsoft Store, it says last modified 5/10/2022 and doesn’t have any updates available, every time I click “Get Updates” it doesn’t absolutely nothing. My computer is fully up to date and there are no pending updates, I have tried to download the new Minecraft Launcher from the Microsoft Store and it keeps crashing and saying try again later. It still allows me to play on the Hive server but not on the realms due to an “outdated client”.

While the Minecraft developers haven’t commented on the issue yet, we found a workaround that might help in case the game won’t update on your Xbox.

A lot of users said restarting your console caused the update to appear so you might as well give it a try. Some said they tried to update through the Store and that worked for them.


Can’t join Realms on Switch

Unfortunately, Minecraft users are facing another issue where Realms are not working or players are unable to join them (1,two,3).

Some say they are getting an ‘Error trying to join the realm’. Error message Please try again later.

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I have a realm that I host for myself and my friends, and my preferred way to play is on the switch. but for some reason it won’t let me enter my kingdom. it charges for about 4 minutes before saying it can’t connect. I have to do all realm upgrades through Xbox, because the base barely works. And on said Xbox, it connects just fine. Does anyone know why?

I get an error message saying I can’t connect to the realm every time I try in the last hour. I’ve restarted my switch, restarted the game, all of that and nothing resolves it. Internet is fine (I can open the market and stuff). I found a couple of similar tickets about it on the mojang site but no resolution… Does anyone else have this problem? Or does anyone know how I can fix it?

We hope the Minecraft developers will fix the issue where the game won’t update on Xbox and players can’t join Realms on Switch soon. If and when they do, we’ll update this space to reflect the same, so keep an eye on PiunikaWeb.

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