How to get free Gen Hoshino rewards in Fortnite Chapter 3


How to get free Gen Hoshino rewards in Fortnite Chapter 3

Fortnite has introduced a bunch of new features like Tactical Overshield and rideable animals lately, and it looks like the next addition will be a first-person mode.

Most Battle Royale games (Call of Duty, Apex Legends, PUBG) offer a first person mode for players, or are completely first person. By contrast, Fortnite Battle Royale has been a third-person-only game for five years.

While the first-person perspective is useful for aiming and shooting, the third-person perspective is better for open-world exploration, tracking opponents, building structures, and placing cosmetics.

Leakers have now claimed that Epic Games is working on a first person mode for Fortnite. Here’s everything we know so far.

Fortnite plans to launch a first-person mode in Chapter 3

Credible leaker and data miner HYPEX recently informed their Twitter followers about Epic Games’ latest effort: a first-person mode. The mode is apparently still in early development and the team started working on it with the latest Chapter 3 Season 3 update.

It’s worth noting that a first-person mode isn’t a foreign concept to Fortnite. The PvE version of the game, Save the worldIt already has a first-person mode, but it has its own shortcomings: it only offers a camera view, and players can’t see their weapons or hands in it.

This explains why Epic Games could be working on a first person mode for Battle Royale from scratch. At the moment, there is no release date, but we can expect more information as new updates for Chapter 3 Season 3 arrive.

It’s no surprise that the aforementioned leak about an FPS mode has terrified some loopers. After enjoying the game in a third-person perspective for almost five years, some veteran players may not want such a massive metagame change.

Also, a first-person mode would make most of the skins and cosmetic items in Fortnite pointless. Last but not least, building and editing in a first-person perspective can be chaotic if not implemented correctly. In the existing TPP mode, players can easily create structures and edit them based on the opponent’s location, and this might not be as efficient in an FPP mode.

With that being said, players need not worry about Epic Games forcing the first-person mode on them. At best, it will be similar to a Zero Build mode that simply allows you to play according to your gaming preferences.

Many gamers believe that Fortnite is gradually becoming Apex Legends and the introduction of an FPS mode will further cement those claims. In the past, we’ve seen players call out Epic Games for adding Respawn Van (based on Respawn Beacons from Apex Legends), Loot Vaults, and gliding.

However, we can’t blame the developers for adding new features and meeting the demands of such a diversified player base.