How to find (and beat) the warden


How to find (and beat) the warden

The highly anticipated Mafia Warden has been added to Minecraft following the wild update. This terrifying lumbering creature terrifies curious miners who wander too deep. For players looking for a worthwhile challenge, finding and defeating the Guardian should be a priority.

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The Warden, however, is not like many other mobs in the game. Certain conditions must be met for it to spawn, which can only be achieved in specific locations and biomes. This is where players can easily find the Guardian and how they can potentially kill him in Minecraft.


Where does the guardian appear?

As mentioned, Warden does not respect the regular mob spawning rules. As with mobs like Wither, for example, players must deliberately do certain things to bring him out of hiding. First, however, players need to find a deep dark biome.

This is the home of any Guardian and is quite rare to find. They are usually found deep underground at extremely low elevations.. Players will recognize the biome by its bluish and turquoise color. blocks. These are most abundant in Ancient Cities, which are structures dedicated to the Guardian that spawn in deep, dark biomes.

How to spawn the guardian

Once players have discovered one of these deep, dark biomes, they should look for a block called Sculk Shrieker. The block has a unique appearance of four white nodes sticking out, with an animated central part.

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Walking within 16 blocks of one of these Sculk Shriekers will cause it to activate.. Players can also walk past any sculk sensor that can relay its sound information to a shrieker sculk if they can’t get close enough to a shrieker or can’t see it. Once the Shrieker is activated at least four times and the light level around it is at most 11will make a sound for a few seconds and emit unique sound particles to summon the Guardian.

The player will be cursed with the Darkness status effect, which lasts approximately 12 seconds. The Guardian will appear near the players should move away and take cover, as well as avoid making any sounds.

hitting the guardian

The Warden is an incredibly strong hostile mob.. For comparison, Wither has 300 HP on Java Edition regardless of the game’s difficulty. Meanwhile, Warden has 500 HP and environmental hazards like lava are of no use against him. The Warden also doesn’t have an innate weakness like Wither, which takes bonus damage from Smite.

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While the Guardian is blind, he can easily detect sounds. circle around it and chase players without seeing them, and can also sniff players after performing a short sniff animation. This makes it an awfully good predator in dark caves.

Killing the Guardian is actually pretty pointless. Drops no more than 5 experience points and a sculk catalyst., and it only takes a lot of effort to kill one. By comparison, Wither loses 50 XP upon death. Mojang likely intended Warden to feel like an actual threat, rather than a boss that players would farm.

Another problem with beating the Guardian is the uselessness of the shields. A single melee attack can render shields completely useless, which means players must take on this beast from a distance. Nevertheless, Warden also has a powerful attack called Sonic Boom.which can hit targets even at incredible range and even ignores any defense the player may have, including Netherite armor, higher level enchantments, and shields.

With all this in mind, the best strategy is to use a powerful bow and stay at least 15-20 blocks away from the Guardian to avoid his sonic blast attack. It’s also possible to trap the guardian in a hole that he can’t get out of and shoot him from afar, but even then players must be careful not to get hit by the sonic blast from him.

Minecraft is available on multiple platforms including PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android and iOS devices.

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