Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Weapon Tier List


Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Weapon Tier List

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 is here, and along with some map changes and a new Battle Pass, players have different weapons to get used to.

Fortnite remains at the top of the live service market, having just received its Chapter 3, Season 3 update. After a dimension shift in the Season 2 finale, where players found themselves defeating an opposing force forever, the servers went down and the game started again. This time, a part of the island has been taken over by a luminous reality tree.

Entitled “Vibin”, this new Fortnite Season has a new Battle Pass featuring pop culture icons like Darth Vader and Indiana Jones as unlockable skins. In addition to new cosmetics and map changes, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 also adds a handful of new weapons, two of which will soon become fan favorites. With new weapons comes a new meta, and Fortnite fans need to stay up to date to stay on top.


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  • DMR: One of three new weapons, the DMR is currently one of, if not the best weapon in Fortnite. Offering a semi-automatic rate of fire with a sniper-level scope, minimal recoil, and very high impact damage, the DMR is a perfect combination of assault rifle and sniper. The DMR also uses AR ammo and has a fairly short reload time, allowing players to fire with reckless abandon.
  • Two-shot shotgun: Another new weapon, the two-shot shotgun, is a great addition to FortniteThe history of amazing shotguns. Essentially acting like two auto shotguns glued together, the Two-Shot doesn’t fire as fast as last season’s auto or drum shotgun, but it packs double the power with two powerful rounds per shot.
  • Automatic shotgun: a basic of Fortnite, the automatic shotgun is still one of the best weapons in the game. Even with low rarity, the auto shotgun is the fastest shotgun in the game and is capable of punching through shields and health at close range, with a bullet that seemingly never misses a target.
  • Stinger Submachine Gun: Other Fortnite classic, the Stinger SMG is still absurdly powerful at close range. With the fastest rate of fire of any weapon in the game, the Stinger may not have the highest damage, but if all shots land, it makes little difference.
  • combat submachine gun: Introduced last season, the Combat SMG gives the Stinger a run for its money. While it doesn’t fire as fast, it does have a slightly higher damage output, making it just as effective.
  • Shadow Seeker Gun: The Shadow Tracker pistol is one of FortniteThe hidden gems of . Obtained from Sunbird in the Temple, the Shadow Tracker is a semi-automatic silenced pistol. An insanely fast rate of fire, decently high DPS, and a thick magazine make the Shadow Tracker worth 400 gold, plus it marks any target it hits.


  • RA Ranger: The Ranger Assault Rifle is the definition of “reliable old-timer.” A great choice for mid-range firefights, the Ranger has a good rate of fire for the amount of damage it deals, and while some bullets can fly off target, its accuracy is decent.
  • Striker Burst Rifle: Another weapon introduced in Chapter 3 Season 2, the Striker Burst Rifle is a powerful medium to long range weapon. While it only fires two bullets per shot, the time between shots is tight and the accuracy of those bullets is always on point, making it deadly in the hands of a precision sniper.
  • Heavy Sniper Rifle: For those who can take good aim, the heavy sniper rifle is one of the best weapons in Fortnite, dealing unprecedented damage to players, structures, and vehicles alike. For those who aren’t the best marksmen, the Heavy’s one-shot clip can leave you stranded.
  • Boom Sniper Rifle: The Exotic Boom Sniper Rifle can be purchased from The Visitor in Sanctuary. While it may look like a heavy sniper rifle, the Boom Sniper has less powerful damage per second, but its bullets stick to an opponent or object and explode after a second, dealing decent damage to targets and structures.

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  • AR Hammer: While the new Hammer assault rifle isn’t terrible, it’s not great either. Technically speaking, the Hammer AR is capable of dealing considerable damage, but the recoil is so fierce that players will likely miss half of their shots. If the recoil of the hammer is reduced, this could be one of the best weapons in Season 3.
  • Stir: The revolver has a slow rate of fire and poor recoil, but packs a heavy punch when those shots hit. Of everything FortniteAs common weapons, the revolver is a good choice for the beginning of a game.
  • Firefly Jar: Chaos incarnate, the Firefly Jar remains one of FortniteThe most destructive weapons. Perfect for dismantling wooden structures, the Firefly Jar is both a blessing and a curse, as one wrong move can send both the player and their opponent into a panic.
  • The dubbing: In terms of weaker exotic offerings, the Dub looks more impressive than it is. Found in The Joneses, the Dub is a double-barreled shotgun that is theoretically capable of melting an opponent’s shields in one shot. The only problem is that the Dub has terrible recoil, causing the player to go flying when shooting. The Dub’s range is also subpar, requiring a lot of risk on the part of the player to pull off a successful shot.
  • Shooter Six Shooters: Found in Camp Cuddle, the Marksman Six Shooter is a good pistol, but it falls short of the upper echelons due to its small magazine size and lower damage potential.


  • hand gun: No one chooses the handgun, they just tolerate it. The sidearm pistol is good for getting early kills, but it doesn’t have much value after the first storm circle appears.
  • Striker pump shotgun: the weakest of FortniteStriker Pump Shotgun’s shotgun offerings have a paltry rate of fire and don’t offer enough damage to justify trading.
  • Grenade: A weapon that is more chaotic than it is worth, the grenade can shatter structures in moments, but it rarely phases skilled players, who can easily dodge its blast radius.
  • Harpoon Gun: A low rate of fire, small magazine, and medium damage mean the Harpoon Gun is fun to use, but not viable in most matches. However, it can be used to disorient and confuse opponents.
  • chug cannon: The Chug Cannon isn’t exactly a weapon. Instead of dealing damage, Chug Cannon reverses it, healing allies with a small area-of-effect Chug Splash. One advantage to the Chug Cannon is that it refills its ammo, meaning players can technically have an unlimited supply of healing, but the big drawback is that it takes up two inventory slots.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is available on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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