10 Ways Black Ops 2 Holds Up 10 Years Later


10 Ways Black Ops 2 Holds Up 10 Years Later

Obligations pitched his ninth main inning with Covert Ops II ten years ago this November, and at the time it was one of the most successful video game releases of all time. With a story co-written with The dark knight David S. Goyer of the trilogy and multiplayer modes that honored but improved covert operationsVersions of , the game won their acclaim.

While the series has already doubled the number of its installments, here’s how Covert Ops II still stands as one of the best COD games.

The voice actors are top notch

Michael Keaton Video Games No Batman Spider-Man Call of Duty Cod Black Ops 2 Car

Not all Obligations The games are known for their story or performance, but as the first covert operationsthe 2012 sequel featured a cast with some big names but plenty of talent all the way around. The Walking DeadMichael Rooker of ‘s joined as a companion for the future sections, while Avatar‘s Sam Worthington returned as Alex Mason and Michael Keaton replaced Ed Harris as Jason Hudson. It’s not bad at all.


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However, lesser-known or unknown actors bring their A-game, especially Rich MacDonald as David Mason, James C. Burns as Frank Woods, and Kamar de Los Reyes as Raúl Menéndez. You feel the camaraderie and tension between the characters throughout, and no member of the main cast drops the ball.

A compelling antagonist

Raul Menendez Black Ops

Speaking of Raúl Menéndez, although the game is divided into two different periods, they share Menéndez as their main antagonist, seeing him as a young cartel leader in the 1980s and an older anti-capitalist revolutionary seeking revenge in 2025.

What makes Menendez such a compelling villain is that he has a tragic backstory that most others Obligations they lack antagonists, and in addition to this, the game makes it playable in certain sections, in all of which playing as Menéndez means going against the protagonists. He generates sympathy and makes him one of the most complex villains the series has ever had.

Brilliantly balance the past and the future

Frank Woods Black Ops Young/Old Division

One of the things that makes it one of the best. Obligations games is Covert Ops IIThe balance of these two time lines, which although they have Menéndez as a common element, are very different because they are separated by 40 years in time. On top of that, 2025 was over a decade away when the game was created. It could easily have become a game with jarring dissonance.

Instead, it becomes a story that juxtaposes the recent past and possible future of US military engagement, held in line by Menendez and the Mason family being the common thread. The two eras interact, to the extent that actions you take in the past era can affect the ending of the game. That also makes it feel like whatever choice the player makes was meant to happen, which is great.

Full custom loadouts for each story mission

Black Ops 2 custom loadout summary story mode

An innovation without history that Covert Ops II brought to the table was to allow players complete freedom in choosing which weapons they were going to take on a mission. This had been a part of multiplayer for years, of course, but never part of the singleplayer story.

It’s another case where customization allows players more control over their experience. Each level has a recommended loadout which is the default, but if players want to enter a map with an RPG as one of their weapons, it’s allowed. It’s also quite amusing that this, combined with the split between two timelines, means that weapons from 2025 can appear in levels from the 1980s, but that’s part of the fun!

The PSR Storm

Storm PSR Black Ops 2 Scope Sight

However, the wildest weapon in the game is the “sniper rifle” known as the Storm PSR, which appears in 2025’s penultimate mission, “Cordis Die”, but can be equipped for any level once unlocked. The rifle scope allows the player to see through walls and charge a shot at 5 times the power to penetrate obstacles, though each charge costs an additional bullet.

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Having this in multiplayer would have made matches pointless, as it’s the closest non-cheating way to get to god mode in single player levels. Still, trying it out at any level is fun because of the ridiculous advantage it gives, and that’s what makes it one of the best weapons out there. COD history.

Classic multiplayer maps

A screenshot of the Call of Duty Hijacked multiplayer map.

You can find some of Obligationsbest multiplayer maps Covert Ops II, with the futuristic setting of the mid game providing prime terrain for innovative, fun and even engaging games like “Raid”, “Plaza” and “Hijacked”. Providing good hiding spots as well as open spaces perfect for melee combat, these maps are incredibly well designed.

Even if a player didn’t have internet access at the time, the maps this game provided made it worth playing against bots just to be able to sandbox these beautiful locations, though fair credit is due to Treyarch for the AI programming in all game modes.

The best Call Of Duty soundtrack

Black Ops 2 soundtrack

When you have Trent Reznor, the Nine Inch Nails frontman who also co-wrote The social network, composing the theme song, you know you’re in for a good soundtrack, but that is, after all, just the beginning. The score of the main composer Jack Wall fulfills all the levels of the game.

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The 1980s music section fits well with its setting, whether it’s a Middle Eastern desert or a Nicaraguan hacienda (“Precious Boy” stands out), it’s its work set in the future that is moving. The 3-part stretch from “Flying Squirrels” to “Rare Earth Elements” feels like something out of a sci-fi thriller, and while it’s short, “Colossus” blends the classic. covert operations with the 2025 fit perfectly.

Side quests fit into the main story

Black Ops 2 Strike Force Mission Summary

Side quests can often hurt a video game, but they have the potential to enhance the player experience, and Covert Ops IIThe side missions, called “Strike Force Missions”, do exactly that. Although not required to play the main story, ignoring the missions affects the narrative of whether or not China allies with the United States against Menendez at the end of the game.

The only Strike Force mission that feels out of place is “Second Chance,” which exists only so that players who were unable to save Chloe Lynch in “Karma” would have a second chance to rescue her, and thus have the chance to achieve the best ending of the game. It feels a bit patronizing because nowhere else can players revert a bug like this without reloading a save point.

Topics are still relevant

Black Ops 2 drone item Unspoken

Whether it’s economic inequality, the dilemma of increased reliance on technology, or the question of what role China will play in the political landscape of the 21st century, Covert Ops II it does what a great narrative job should do: deal with topics that are topical and relevant to players. Like a game set in the future, Covert Ops II he was also tasked with predicting how society would progress in 15 years.

Many movies deal with political issues, either overtly or more subtly, and video games are no exception; whether you agree or disagree with a game’s political stance is one thing, but you can’t deny that it’s political. Covert Ops II he simply deals more openly with his subjects than many others COD games.

Multiple possible endings

Dead or Alive Alex Mason Splits Black Ops 2

COD games often act like a roller coaster, taking players on rides but having a set narrative path the whole time. Covert Ops II it was the first game to allow for multiple endings, and takes into account player actions throughout the game, allowing for a variety of different combo endings.

The only shame is that Covert Ops III and to a lesser degree, III, had to decide on a specific ending to continue the story of that universe, and ended up with one that wasn’t even possible in the game. Menendez was canonically killed, but unlike the ending in Meif that is chosen, no riots or violence erupted as a result.

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