The case of the return of Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil Village DLC


The case of the return of Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil Village DLC

Last week, Capcom finally confirmed the Resident Evil 4 Remakewhich unleashed a wave of emotion within the demonic resident community. However, while fans enthusiastically welcomed the announcement of Resident Evil 4Capcom has yet to reveal anything about the DLC for Resident Evil Village​​​​​.

It is worth remembering that Capcom announced Resident Evil Village DLC on June 14, 2021, which means almost a year has passed and the studio has yet to release any significant updates. Since a year of development is quite a long time for a DLC, one can’t help but wonder if the Resident Evil Village the expansion will be greater than anticipated. Of course, details about the DLC are still being kept under wraps, but some are hopeful that the expansion will see the return of Jill Valentine.


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What happened to Jill Valentine?

Excluding the 2020 new version of Resident Evil 3which is just a retelling of Jill’s escape from Raccoon City, the last time Jill was seen in Resident Evil the timeline was in 2009 in resident bad 5. Of course, veteran players would know that Jill suffered from mind control under Albert Wesker and she was rescued by Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar during the game. Unfortunately, not much is known about Jill’s status post.-RE 5plus a short email sent to Barry Burton revealing that he’s been in rehab.

Given that it has been over a decade since Jill began undergoing rehab, it is likely that she has been out for a long time and will likely return to action as an agent for the Biohazard Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA). However, some might argue that Jill probably retired after her traumatic experience in resident bad 5. Still, it’s worth remembering that he also mentioned to Barry that he intends to return to active duty as soon as possible.

How Jill Valentine Could Return in Resident Evil Village DLC

If Capcom brings Jill back to the franchise through Resident Evil Village DLC, fans of the series would probably welcome it with open arms. However, the big question is how Capcom would execute his return. It’s no secret that Resident Evil 7 Y Village are not so directly related to the above demonic resident games, but this doesn’t mean that having Jill appearing in the DLC wouldn’t have a connection to the story of the main game.

One way Capcom could execute Jill’s appearance in Resident Evil Village DLC will make your story focus on the BSAA It is worth remembering that after the events of Resident Evil 7, the BSAA decided to cover up the Baker House incident, leading Chris to distrust the organization. In 2018, Chris decided to command the BSAA’s Hound Wolf Squad without HQ approval, setting a sour relationship between him and the organization. The strained relationship between Chris and the BSAA, which Jill is presumably still a part of, could be explored in the upcoming DLC.

If Capcom goes this route, then for the first time, players will see Jill and Chris at odds with each other. Although this has already happened in resident Bad 5, it’s worth remembering that Jill was under mind control back then. As such, seeing her and Chris on opposite sides again would be a thrilling storyline given the strong association between the two since her mission to the Spencer mansion in Resident Evil 1. The DLC could also explore in detail what Jill has been through after the events of resident bad 5 and what their take is on Chris’ decision to go rogue and break away from the team they helped establish.

Resident Evil Village is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. DLC is currently in development.

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