The best Warzone PPSh-41 loadout of the Cold War | Middle range…


The best Warzone PPSh-41 loadout of the Cold War |  Middle range…
Thanks to recent balance changes, mid-range SMGs are back in fashion, especially if they have large mags. Therefore, the BOCW PPSh-41 is so strong at the moment. You can find a complete guide to the PPSh-41 below.

The best PP Sh load of the cold war
This puppy slaps. | © Activision

The Black Ops Cold War variant of the PPSh-41 was disappointing when it was first released. It wasn’t crap, but it always felt B-tier. And the TTK was a bit too low to be worth taking on an OT or MP5. But it’s been about a year since the weapon was first released, and a series of balance changes have allowed this weapon to flourish.

Long story short: Mid-range SMGs with high-capacity mags are awesome right now. The BOCW PPSh fits this description perfectly, and has never been significantly weakened, despite being an “old” weapon. So how should you build it? What attachments do you want and what kind of benefits should you use with the PPSh?

Best accessory configuration PPSh-41 (BOCW)

Cold War PPSH 41
Balance between autonomy and mobility. | © Activision
Component Attached file
Muzzle GRU Suppressor
Barrel 15.7″ workgroup
To be Tiger Team Featured
Optical Microflex LED
Magazine Spetznaz 71 Rnd Drum

This is a pretty classic setup for the BOCW SMG. We want to increase the range, stay off the minimap, and bring as many rounds into the magazine as we can.. These attachments are best for doing just that, with a good trade-off between mobility and reach.

You might want to drop the Microflex LED if you like iron sights, we personally don’t, but to their own. If you decide to ditch the optic, you need to use the extra attachment slot to attach a snake wrap to the rear grip. This will further increase your ADS.

The best secondaries, grenades, and perks for a PPSh-41 (BOCW) loadout

The best secondary weapon for the PPSh-41 (BOCW)

STG configuration
Pure meta right now. | © Activision

As good as the Cold War PPSh is at mid-range, it’s still an SMG. And SMGs just don’t have enough firepower to support snipers. So, we are going to take an AR as a secondary weapon. The AR will do most of the heavy lifting, and the PPSh is what you switch to when you go in, or on the push.

Why do we choose the STG over the other? assault rifles? Because the developers have taken this thing to the skies. There really is no other option at this point. The STG has zero recoil, a fantastic TTK, and very forgiving mobility.

Here is a full description of the STG equipment.

The best equipment for the PPSh-41 (BOCW)

Lethal throwing knives
Tactical instant pomegranates

Since we’re going to be using a submachine gun, we need to capitalize on our advantage at close range, so we’ve made very aggressive loadout decisions. Snapshots will give us momentary wall breaks., so you should always remove them before making an entry. the Throwing knives allow us to finish off knocked down enemies we can focus on the rest of your template.

The best advantages for the PPSh-41 (BOCW)

Benefit 1 EOD
Benefit 2 Overkill / Restock (from second charge)

Benefit 3


With the short range potential that an SMG gives us, we’ll take Tracker, so we can hunt people when we’re pushing. But because we’re going to be right in front of the team with a load like this, we’ll also take EOD so we can survive some Claymores and Trip Mines. And for the second slot we need Overkill for this loadout as it has 2 main weapons but after that Resupply is the obvious choice to run with Snapshot Grenades.

That was your complete guide to the Cold War PPSh, we hope you found it useful. However, if you’re not convinced by the PPSh, maybe you’ll try the fantastic new H4 Blixen.