Is it worth buying the Fortnite Two-Shot Shotgun?


Is it worth buying the Fortnite Two-Shot Shotgun?

With the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, a lot has changed in the game with new NPCs, new places to explore on the map, and some new weapons. The loot pool has seen some updates with new weapons being added to the game, while others have been skipped.

Fortnite has a huge arsenal of weapons to suit just about any type of playstyle. In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, the developers have introduced three exciting new weapons in different classes.

#FortniteSeason 3 #Fortnite 3 new weapons have been added to the game.✅ Double Shot Shotgun – A burst pump shotgun ⚙️Sniper Rifle – The rifle resembles an Assault Rifle and a Sniper Rifle⚙️Hammer Assault Rifle – Has a strong recoil but shoot fast.⚙️

These new weapons include a highly powerful Hammer Assault Rifle, a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) for medium-range combat, and a Two-Shot Shotgun for close-range attacks. The Fortnite developers have also jumped four weapons, including the Drum Shotgun, Ranger Shotgun, Hunter Bolt Action Rifle, and the fan-favorite MK-7 Assault Rifle.

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How does the Two-Shot shotgun work in Fortnite?

Replacing the Polarizing Drum Shotgun, the Two-Shot Shotgun is a new addition to the loot pool in Fortnite. As the name suggests, the double shot shotgun fires two shells in one shot. But does firing two rounds of projectiles make it better than its predecessor?

The two-shot shotgun has four barrels total, but only two barrels are fired per shot. The barrels then rotate for another round. This semi-automatic shotgun is offered in all five rarity levels in the game. The in-game description of the weapon is “Pump-action shotgun with a two-shot burst.”

Two-Shot Shotgun The Two-Shot Shotgun is a burst pump shotgun capable of dealing ferocious damage. If you connect both shots of his burst, you can deal a devastating blow.

The shotgun deals damage in the range of 54 to 66 per shot at different rarities. It also has a 1.75x headshot multiplier. The weapon’s damage per second (DPS) ranges from 45.9 to 56.1. The weapon has a rate of fire of 0.85 and a reload time between 9.24s and 7.56s, depending on rarity. The shotgun has a magazine size of 8 rounds.

Should I choose the Two-Shot Shotgun over other shotguns?

With the introduction of the Two-Shot Shotgun and the Drum Shotgun Vault in Fortnite, players can choose between three different shotguns in the game as the Auto Shotgun and Striker Pump Shotgun are still in the game. This begs the question: is the Two-Shot shotgun worth choosing over the other two shotguns?

The Pump Shotgun deals heavy damage but at a slower rate, while the Auto Shotgun deals moderate damage at a fairly high rate. Among the three shotguns, the Two-Shot shotgun has the highest critical headshot damage in Fortnite. The Two-Shot Shotgun has a magazine size of eight rounds, which is the same as the Auto Shotgun but three times as long as the Striker Pump Shotgun.

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Of the three, the Two-Shot shotgun has the slowest reload time. The Auto Shotgun and the Striker Pump Shotgun can deal maximum damage values ​​of 103.2 and 126 per shot, respectively. The Two-Shot Shotgun’s maximum damage per shot is 66. Stat-wise, it might seem like the Two-Shot Shotgun is at a disadvantage, but there’s a catch.

While the Two-Shot Shotgun is lacking in almost every aspect, the fact that the weapon fires two shots together effectively doubles the damage dealt. Basically, this puts the weapon’s damage value at 132, the highest among the three shotguns in the game.

In this scenario, the Two-Shot shotgun becomes the best option, but it still has the slowest reload time, which can compromise the player’s chances of survival. In the end, it comes down to personal preference, but the two-shot shotgun is definitely a viable alternative.