Fortnite exotic and mythical weapons in Chapter 3 Season 3: all locations and prices


Fortnite exotic and mythical weapons in Chapter 3 Season 3: all locations and prices

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 is here, and that means a new roster of exotic and mythic weapons are also on the island. There are already five exotic-tier weapons or items on the island, each sold by various Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 NPCs. As for Mythics, things are a bit more complicated. Here’s everything you need to know about the best Fortnite weapons and where to find them in the new season of Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 Exotics and Mythics

While there are five total exotics on the island right now, it’s unlikely you’ll acquire all five in one round. That’s because the NPCs that sell them are scattered all over the island. Currently, none of the exotic weapons available are new from last season, so while each one is dominated by special features, you might not be itching to get one in particular, or maybe your favorite is already there. here. Mine certainly is. However, there is one exotic item that has been missing for a long time.

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Remember that exotics can be sold in limited quantities, usually up to four or five per round, so your entire squad could be loaded up with something awesome like the Shadow Tracker or Boom Sniper Rifle. For now, there are no Mythics on the island, simply because those are bosses and the island is totally free of villainy while everyone is partying right now. After defeating the IO in the final event of Fortnite season 2, the loopers move all over the island. However, we do know from the trailers that at least one Mythic is coming to the game this season: Darth Vader’s lightsaber.

Vader will be a boss stationed somewhere on the island, perhaps in a future map change, and if you can defeat him you’ll walk away with his unique lightsaber, which looks like it can even be thrown at enemies, unlike the Los May 4th regular lightsabers that come to the game almost annually.

For now, there are five exotics on the island, including four offensive weapons and a returning healing item. Here’s what’s available, what they do, where to find them, and how much they cost.

Fortnite exotic or mythical weapon Characteristic Location Price (gold bars)
Shadow Seeker Gun Ping enemies on contact Sunbird / Moon Hawk (The Temple, northeast of the Daily Bugle) 400
boom sniper rifle Fire explosive rounds The Visitor (Launch Platform, east of Sanctuary) 600
the dubbing recoil fires

Ludwig, Jonesy The First, or Mullet Marauder (The Joneses; not all NPCs appear every round)

Shooter Six Shooter Extremely high rate of fire Hug Team Leader (Rave Cave Upper Platform) 400
chug cannon Heals with an area of ​​effect splash of Slurp Juice on a cooldown timer Kyle (Logjam Sawmill) 600

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