Minecraft needs more combat events like village raids


Minecraft needs more combat events like village raids

The last Minecraft updates have largely focused on adventure. The Caves and Cliffs update tweaked the way underground tunnels and mountains are generated, giving players more interesting environments to explore, while the upcoming Wild update adds a new biome with a treacherous mob to make players smarter. . These Minecraft updates are great, but they don’t necessarily provide much for fans looking for new angles on Minecraftthe fight. It may be a largely creative game, but for fans of Survival mode in Minecraft, combat also needs to get new thrills from time to time. Unfortunately, these latest updates haven’t provided much in terms of combat features.


Mojang has teased plans to rework the combat side of the player in the future. Minecraft update, but you should take a new look at how you handle hostile Minecraft mob too. Fans could really use new challenges to test their skills. Village raids provide an excellent blueprint for a Minecraft combat upgrade. It would be great if more Minecraft locations had special types of horde battles that made each location feel more special. The raiders that occasionally lay siege to villages engage and reward players in a way that’s worth replicating with different mob layouts.

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Learning from Minecraft’s Illager Raids

Although the horde events in the villages existed before the illagers joined Minecraft, Thanks to the occasional zombie invasion, the rogues really stepped up the zombie horde concept. For one thing, their ranged attacks and destructive Ravagers endanger villagers in a way no zombie horde can, which means players have to work hard to defend villagers during a raid, giving them a secondary target. On the other hand, raids can be triggered in a predictable way, which means Minecraft Players are encouraged to fortify villages and prepare for a raid attempt. The secondary objectives and sense of strategy associated with village raids make them a very special version. Minecraft combat.

It would be prudent for Mojang to apply these circumstances to other parts of Minecraft, giving players certain items or conditions that will summon a large horde of enemies that players have to systematically fight against to earn a reward. For example, Mojang could update Minecraftshipwrecks, adding a special item that will summon waves of drowned to attack players as they retreat from the ship. Nether Fortresses could also benefit from horde battles. A new shrine within the Nether Fortresses could bury intruders in hordes of Wither Skeletons and other Nether mobs, encouraging players to plan ahead before attempting to steal the fortress’s greatest treasure.

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Why Minecraft could use more horde battles

By adding new challenges to Minecraft combat, Mojang might be tempted to add new Minecraft bosses instead, but horde battles may have more value overall due to their accessibility. In Minecraft, players have to achieve very specific and complicated conditions to fight a Wither or Ender Dragon, and replicating those fights afterwards also takes a lot of work. In contrast, village raid-inspired battles can be easily replayed with a simple trigger, meaning players always have access to a special combat challenge. like a raid Minecraft The battles could also inspire some new mobs that eventually populate other Minecraft locations.

Minecraft combat is certainly not a priority for the Wild Update, given that the Guardian is meant to be a hindrance rather than a boss. It’s ok if not all Minecraft update focuses on fighting, but hopefully Minecraft‘s update 1.20 adds some new combat features. Mojang has been teasing plans to change weapon and shield stats for some time now, and if that’s part of the eventual successor to the Wild Update, then hopefully Mojang encourages players to try out the changes on new groups of enemies. At the moment, though, the wild upgrade at least looks like a compelling addition to Minecraft‘s overworld, if not an action-focused one.

Minecraft It is available now for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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