Call of Duty Warzone Update Today With Full Patch Notes (March 30)


Call of Duty Warzone Update Today With Full Patch Notes (March 30)

from today Call of Duty Warzone The update is available for download and is one of the more pedestrian patches to arrive this month.

With so many different changes to maps, content, and perks coming this month, COD fans will probably be pleased to learn that today’s update is more focused on bug fixes.

Here’s everything we know about this week’s latest Call of Duty Warzone update, released on March 30.

Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone | Season 2 Reloaded Gameplay Trailer



Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone | Season 2 Reloaded Gameplay Trailer





Call of Duty Warzone update today

A new update for Call of Duty Warzone is available for download todayand includes a number of changes. However, unlike previous patches released this month, the March 30 release focuses on bug fixes. This means you don’t have to worry about significant changes to the balance of weapons and perks.

The only other confirmed changes that aren’t tied to bug fixes are related to private matches. According to the patch notes released today, the builds available in Private Matches have been aligned with those available in Public Matches. You can find the latest changes and bug fixes in the patch notes listed below:

March 30 Patch Notes

  • Private Matches have been updated to align with the Public Match settings.
  • Fixed an issue that caused inconsistent operator skydiving functionality.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Community Challenges in the Reinforced Revival Event tab to not display the current/updated challenge.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Armaguerra 43 (VG) to erroneously appear in-game as Submachine Gun Charlie.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Circle to occasionally move outside of the playable space in Caldera.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Party Invitation notification text to appear misaligned.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Armor Satchels acquired through Heavy Weapon Crates to be equipped with 0 of 8 available Armor Plates.
  • Fixed an issue that caused heavy weapon crate pallets to occasionally spawn as non-interactive ground loot.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the wrong mode to appear in the menu while queuing for a match.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a Scavenger Contract loot box to spawn out of range on Rebirth Island.

Warzone Perk Changes March 28

  • scavenger
    • The bag will now have a cyan outline for those with Scavenger equipped.
    • Increased dispel time from 20 seconds to 60 seconds.
    • Bag now grants +1 armor plate in addition to the above items.
    • Text update.

Scavenger was originally created for a multiplayer encounter where eliminations are usually easy to reach and foot traffic lines up with elimination zones. In a Battle Royale setting, players have a lot more space to cover and a lot more time passes between encounters. With this change, our goal is to help you identify where your spoils of war are, while also allowing more time to acquire them. Upgrading items may seem small, but a more aggressive player may see better results by staying stocked with gear.

  • Restock
    • Cooldown reduced from 50 seconds to 25 seconds.
    • Stim now has a 60 second timer to reduce spam and gas abuse.
    • The incorrect in-game text “50s” will be updated in a future update.

Restock saw an increase over time with the original Battle Royale release. As Warzone has evolved, it has become apparent that its strength has waned. We want to see more robust options in the red perk category that have a big impact on playstyle around the respective perk, and there’s an opportunity with this revamp to create room to experiment with various teams that don’t get as much love.

  • EOD
    • EOD will reduce damage or limit damage, whichever is greater.
    • Explosive damage cap increased from 80 to 200.
    • Increase damage reduction from 35% to 45%.
    • Text update.

With the adjustment to the higher damage lethals in Season 1, we wanted to align EOD with those changes so that there is a viable counter in the Perk meta.

  • quick fix
    • Inserting an armor plate will now start to regenerate health.
    • Text update.

Quick Fix was already a decent metacompetitor, but similar to the other perks, it was built primarily for multiplayer. This change makes its effect more powerful in a Battle Royale setting and will hopefully lead to some really exciting plays.

  • Ghost
    • The “Ghost” stealth effect will now only apply if the player is moving.
    • Players can observe this through the arrow representing their Operator on the minimap that fades out when “Ghost” is active.
    • The text will be updated shortly to clarify these changes.

In a world before Caldera, Ghost has always been very beneficial. However, in Caldera it has obviously become even stronger with the ability to seek visual cover in foliage throughout the map. With this change, we’re aiming to balance the perk around being mobile vs. being stationary, to provide more counter opportunities around the Ghost perk. We are looking closely at the meta of stealth and detection with the intention of creating more value in the options available to acquire and combat it.

  • We’ve also updated the tooltip text for the following benefits:
    • Fine tune
    • chain of death
    • the point man
    • hard line

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