NFL Draft Prospect Garrett Wilson Reveals His Favorite ‘Call of Duty’ Game | The latest hip-hop news, music and media


NFL Draft Prospect Garrett Wilson Reveals His Favorite ‘Call of Duty’ Game |  The latest hip-hop news, music and media

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NFL Draft Prospect Garrett Wilson Reveals His Favorite 'Call of Duty' Game

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When athletes aren’t on the field busy, they’re in their gaming chairs racking up kills on Obligations and getting Ws in other games. So it should come as no surprise that future NFL draft pick Garrett Wilson is a great player in his spare time.

Before the NFL Draft on Thursday (April 28) in Las Vegas, wired hip hop sat down with the former Ohio State wide receiver virtually before Roger Goodell calls his name and shakes his hand, welcoming him to the league.

We talked about Wilson’s love for Obligations during our Zoom conversation. We learned that like New Orleans Pelicans player and fellow COD athlete Larry Nance Jr., Wilson has a lot of love for Call of Duty: Ghost. But, Wilson also revealed that Black Ops:II’s multiplayer is his jam, firmly cementing his adoration for the popular video game franchise.

We also mention another video game franchise Wilson will be a part of when he’s drafted: Madden. NFL. Enter the wide-ranging interview below and learn about the future NFL star many analysts project to be in the top 10 players this year.

wired hip hop: you are a big Obligations fan, right? I take it?

Garrett Wilson: Yes sir.

HHW: So what Obligations game attracted you to the franchise?

G.W.: I actually started playing with Call of Duty: Ghosts that’s when I really started playing a lot. but kind of Covert Ops II, I was first introduced to playing multiplayer. I always knew what it was, but I would say I really started playing a lot in seventh grade.

HHW: Cute. and you said call of Duty Black Ops is it your favorite game, or is there another one in particular Obligations match?

GW: My favorite game of all time is Covert Ops II.

HHW: Because it is Covert Ops II Your favorite?

G.W.: Something like what I said. It was like when I started playing, but [I] he wasn’t really that good at the game yet. It was like I was a rookie, I guess. And then as I kept playing, I got better. And that was the first game that really started to click for me.

In fact, I started playing with Call of Duty: Ghosts that’s when I really started playing a lot. but kind of Covert Ops II, I was first introduced to playing multiplayer. I always knew what it was, but I would say I really started playing a lot in seventh grade.

HHW: Now, do you consider yourself the best? Obligations player during his time at Ohio State?

G.W.: Yes. I guess it was aite. Although she wouldn’t say the best.

HHW: Who is the best of the team?

G.W.: Ronnie “Rocket” Hickman [is] probably the best player on our team.

Michigan State v Ohio State

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HHW: Continue with the video games, but change Obligations. Surely you also play sports video games, right?

G.W.: Yes, I do.

HHW:So, since you’re about to be recruited, that means you’ll be in To get mad. Where do you think your ranking would be? To get mad?

G.W.: I feel like my overall in Madden will be 76.

HHW: Ah OK. That’s fair.

G.W.: Yes, I want to keep it realistic. I feel like I’m going to be a 76 or a 75 in To get mad.

HHW: Well, you know, based on how they do it nowadays, there’s always room to improve as you perform through the season, your numbers can always go up. So it’s a great starting point. Now, continuing with cyber sports, who do you consider to be the best cyber athlete when it comes to video games?

G.W.: Dammit. Yeah the best player to use in the game is definitely someone who is fast and tall so even a player like Chris Westry in the [Baltimore] Ravens.

HHW: Okay. That is an interesting answer. Now how excited are you for the NFL draft? Talk about it.

G.W.: I’m very excited. I was here in Las Vegas, seeing how everything was built and how they prepared for the event to take place here. It’s going to be very special. I’m going to have my whole family here, so I’m excited.

NFL combine

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HHW: Cute. You know, it’s been a rough two years, and to have this in person again, I’m sure is very exciting. Not virtual. I’m pretty sure the energy is a lot different this time, so good for you, man. I’m happy for you when it comes down to it. Now, it’s not like that, but hypothetically speaking, when you were a kid and you had to choose a team to play, which team would you want to dress up for?

G.W.: I don’t really have one anymore. Growing up, I was really into Michael Vick, so I was into the Eagles growing up. Now I just watch the ball. It’s like looking.

HHW: It is true. Hey, that’s understandable, man. Now, let’s say if you didn’t make it as a professional athlete, would you have thought about going down the route of a professional esports player, like taking video games more seriously now that people seem to view video games in a different way? light now, being that you can actually make a living doing this, and playing games if you’re good at it. Would you really ever consider it?

G.W.: Yes, definitely. It’s something I even considered to be a [E-sports] athlete, still playing for a little extra income some days. Sort of like passive income, because I play the game independently, so setting up a camera while I’m doing it, that’s something I want to do now. So I definitely would have thought about it for sure, and I’m probably going to tap on it and really look into it.

HHW: Now, I don’t know how much of Vanguard you’ve played it, but if you’ve played it, what’s something you feel like Obligations needs more to take the franchise to another level. What do you feel is missing? Do you feel that something is missing? Do you feel like it could be a little better?

G.W.: For me, Vanguardi just died too fast Vanguard. My best wishes Obligations games that I can think of, I feel like they give you a chance to react when someone shoots at you. You know what I mean? They make that person make a consistent shot, but in Vanguard, sometimes some of the weapons will just knock you down, like, boom. There is no time to react because the time to kill is very fast. So that’s the only thing I’ll say about Vanguard that just makes it hard for me to play because it’s hard to get a streak because you have someone behind you and you’re going to die. And it’s hard to get a two piece suit because you die so fast. That is one thing I will say.

HHW: Yes. It’s a bit difficult to get those benefits. But I am old. I can no longer keep up with the youth. My hand-eye coordination is pretty bad. I really can’t compete with these kids on Obligations not anymore.

G.W.: I know. Oh God. I know what you want to say. Some of these people, yes, they got it.

HHW: Yes. I’ll try it for a good 15-20 minutes and then see my kill to kill ratio. It would be, like, really bad. I like, “I can’t touch this anymore, man.” You know?

G.W.: I know. I know how you feel. I know how you feel.

HHW: Just give me a good campaign, and I’m straight. Continuing with the campaign. What is your favorite Obligations moment? Like that moment during the campaign when you’re like, “Oh snap! this is fire This moment was amazing”?

G.W.: Yes. I don’t really play campaigns in games. I don’t know. I’ve always been a multiplayer guy, so I don’t know. Yes, that is difficult for me. I mean, I remember playing my brother’s game. he he he had the modern warfare ii, and it was a snowmobile map. I remember doing that. But if. I’ve never really played a campaign since I had my own game. I don’t know.

HHW: So, since you like multiplayer a lot, do you also play Battle Royale?

G.W.: Yes. I love battle royale. I play war zone a lot.

HHW: That’s another one I can’t really get into because, again, I’m not that good at it. What advice would you give to someone who is not good at Battle Royale?

G.W.: Yeah. I mean, the thing about those games, is that the only way to get really good is to play. Those people that you see that are good, that are killing you when you play Battle Royale, they are in the game all the time. So the hardest thing… I would say if you don’t have time for that, it’s hard to get much better at a video game because you just have to do those reps. Kind of like basketball, you know? If you’re not playing, you’re losing it.

And it’s hard with video games. It’s hard to be like, “Do this,” you know? Because it is difficult. I’ve seen so many YouTube videos trying to say, “How can I improve?” And it doesn’t really work because they’re kinder in the game than I am. It’s crazy.

HHW: Trust me. I’m right on that boat. I am also watching YouTube videos. I’m like, “Yeah. This is not working for me.

G.W.: Exactly.

HHW: And finally, the most important question, what is your favorite console at the moment? Is it PS5, Xbox Series X or PC? What do you mainly play?

G.W.: I really am both. I can’t say I have a preference. I really play both. It just depends on the game I’m playing and what friends are online. So, I have both right now.

HHW: That’s a great answer because I also got both so I definitely understand.

G.W.: Yes, so you know how it is.

HHW: It’s always good to have options.

G.W.: I agree.

You can catch Garrett Wilson and the other future NFL stars getting their names taken during the NFL Draft in Las Vegas on Thursday (April 28) on ESPN at 8 pm ET.

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