Minecraft Piglin Barter – Trade Gold for Valuable Loot


Minecraft Piglin Barter – Trade Gold for Valuable Loot

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The 2020 Nether Update brought massive changes to The Nether, from new biomes to new structures to new mobs. It made The Nether a destination to live in, by including a food source in the form of Hoglin and a new bartering mechanism, trading with Piglins instead of The Overworld’s Villagers.

We’re going to delve into the latter in this guide, looking at how to trade with Piglins, what loot you can get, and the associated achievements and advancements.

Minecraft Piglin Barter Bastion

What is piglin barter?

The mechanics of Piglin Bartering are similar to trading with villagers, in that you trade a specific treasure item for other useful resources that might otherwise be difficult to gather. However, Piglin’s barter is random, but it’s also pretty cheap, which makes up for it.

How to trade with Piglins

To trade with a Piglin, the first step (besides opening a portal in The Nether) is to equip yourself with at least one piece of golden armor. This is not technically essential, but it is recommended. The piglins, as you can see, are hostile to any player who is not carrying gold. They’re obsessed with things, and by wearing them, you seemingly present yourself as someone you shouldn’t mess with.

Piglin Barter Clothes Gold Armor

We recommend a pair of golden boots, as this is the cheapest armor, taking only four ingots to craft. That way, you can still wear your iron, diamond, or netherite helmet, breastplate, and leggings.

Speaking of them being obsessed with things, gold is also the currency to trade with Piglins, so you’ll need a lot of gold bullion as well. Gold nuggets and other gold items cannot be traded with Piglins, but they will pick it up and keep it, so be careful what you give them.

Minecraft Piglin Barter Gold Bars

It’s also a good idea to have a workbench with you. Since you can mine gold nuggets from Nether Gold Ore, you can craft more ingots while you’re there.

From here you’ll want to find a decent amount of Piglins in a fairly safe area. Piglins can be found in the Nether Wastes or Crimson Forests. They will also spawn in Bastion Remnants, which can spawn in any biome except Basalt Deltas.

Piglins Minecraft Barter Guide

Piglins are recognizable by their leather-colored attire, which sets them apart from the dangerous Piglin Brutes that you can’t bargain with.

Once you’ve located a Piglin, all you have to do is drop a Gold Bar on the ground in front of it, or click the Use Item button on the Piglin while holding Gold. Be careful with the latter though, one wrong click and you could hit Piglin instead, and find yourself being chased out of The Nether by them and their angry friends.

Minecraft Piglin barter for gold bars

If you’re not carrying gold and you aggravate a Piglin, you can still drop a gold ingot and it will briefly distract them.

What do Piglins throw when trading?

There is a limited loot pool that Piglins can draw from when you trade. Some more common or renewable items like obsidian and gravel are more likely to drop, but there is a chance to get valuable and useful items like Ender Pearls and Fire Resistance Potions.

Article Approximate drop probability
Soul Speed ​​Enchanted Book 1.09%
Soul Speed ​​Enchanted Iron Boots 1.74%
Fire Resistance Splash Potion 1.74%
fire resistance potion 1.74%
Water bottle 2.18%
iron nugget 2.18%
pearl of the end 2.18%
Rope 4.36%
abyssal quartz 4.36%
Obsidian 8.71%
crying obsidian 8.71%
Fire load 8.71%
Leather 8.71%
Sand of souls 8.71%
nether brick 8.71%
Spectral Arrow (Java edition only) 8.71%
Arrow (Bedrock Edition only) 8.71%
Gravel 8.71%
black stone 8.71%

Trading Piglins is the only way to get renewable Gravel, Blackstone, Soul Sand, Nether Brick, Crying Obsidian, and Soul Speed, as the latter cannot be obtained from an enchantment table or fishing loot.

Minecraft Piglin Barter Sould Speed
Soul Speed ​​Iron Boots being dropped by a Piglin

Achievements and Advances

While there is technically no Breakthrough or Achievement to trade with Piglins, the “Oh Shiny” Breakthrough in the Java Edition and the “Oooh, shiny!” Achievements in Minecraft Bedrock are earned by distracting a Piglin with gold. This means that you don’t get the achievement just for trading, but for trading with an aggravated Piglin.

We suggest swapping your Gold Armor close to one or two Piglins for minimal risk. This will aggravate the Piglins slightly, at which point you can distract them with gold bars, giving you the achievement and a chance to put your golden armor back on.

Piglin Barter Farm

You can also turn this mechanic into a pretty generous farm. Depending on how challenging or automated you want it, a piglin farm can be relatively simple. Just send Piglins to some pre-built cages? Um, prisons?… Let’s call them “cozy new homes”. From there, you can either throw items at them and pick up the loot (as long as you have access), or have gold bullion launchers above or next to them, and jumpers below them to pick up the loot. This is particularly useful if you want to build with Weeping Obsidian or if you want a lot of fire resistance potions without the hassle of brewing them.

Minecraft Piglin Barter Farm

And so ends our guide on trading with Piglins in Minecraft. With a Piglin’s Barter Farm and Villagers’ Trading Room in your Minecraft world, you’ll have no trouble gathering some of the most valuable and rare loot in Minecraft.

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