Zero Build Mode Proves Building Is Fortnite’s Worst Feature


Zero Build Mode Proves Building Is Fortnite’s Worst Feature

The recent introduction of the Zero Build game mode in Fortnite it shows that building is the battle royale behemoth’s worst feature. The build, despite being unique, has often been criticized due to its repetitive nature, and after an experimental removal, a game mode without it became a permanent option. Zero Build mode has highlighted the issues in FortniteAnd while it doesn’t look like it’s going to be completely eliminated, players who don’t want to build endless towers at least have a way around it.

FortniteThe Chapter 3 Season 2 update removed building, a feature that had been a part of the game since the beginning. It was a surprising choice, and one that was met with mixed reactions. Subsequently, gamers everywhere asked whether or not the change would be permanent. Very soon, however, the characteristics of the buildings returned. win in FortniteBuild mode wasn’t any easier for some than others, but players who love to build and those who hate it now have a game they can enjoy. Epic Games has somehow managed to appease both sides of its player base by introducing a permanent Zero Build mode for those who want to forego building.


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Construction is a big part of what he does Fortnite unique. It helped it stand out from the mass of other battle royale games on the market, and is arguably what helped it become such a big hit. However, it is also one of the most problematic aspects of the game. It’s something players seem to either love or hate, with both sides feeling strongly about their chosen stance. There are arguments both for and against, but luckily Zero Build mode allows players to have their cake and eat it too. FortniteThe build changes were good for those who struggled with the mechanic or didn’t enjoy it, even if they radically changed the game after implementation.

Why the Fortnite building may be less interesting

Fortnite restores the building mechanism after the release of Zero Build

One of the reasons why FortniteThe build feature is so bad because it makes the metagame boring. After being killed, or just while watching someone else play on YouTube or Twitch, players who build the same towers as everyone else and try to take down their opponents age quickly. It seems the game has become less about who is better at it and more about who is better at building. It can get repetitive both to play and to watch, even if it’s a unique mechanic. There’s also no shortage of ways trolls use the build to infuriate unsuspecting players, from locking them in a bucket to launching them with a similarly unique, but sometimes off-putting bounce pad.

Pro Fortnite players can build incredibly fast, but the same can’t be said for everyone. Building is also an issue because casual players and those new to the game often struggle, putting them at a marked disadvantage compared to experts. There’s not much they can do against someone who can make a gigantic structure in seconds to provide almost impenetrable cover, or catch and shoot them like fish in a barrel. Building is more than a little complicated, often requiring split-second decisions and a quick hand with the mouse. It can put off newer players and is a skill best developed through lots of repeated practice, serving almost as a form of control for those who just want to have fun in a battle royale instead of having to build massive structures on the fly. in your search. of a coveted victory.

How Zero Build Mode Improves Fortnite

Fortnite Zero Build Mode is the most popular update of the game

By removing the building, Fortnite changed greatly, possibly for the better. One improvement is that it made games faster. It could be easy to die Fortnite, but living to see the end takes a while. Building can bog down matches by prolonging firefights, as well as requiring players to gather large amounts of materials. They can spend more time collecting wood from trees or metal from mailboxes than in actual combat. All of this slows down the game quite a bit, so Zero Build mode allows for faster games that don’t require as much time and energy. Although it might defeat the purpose of the spikes a bit, that’s not a big deal due to their dual purpose as melee weapons.

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Removing the build also put a greater emphasis on combat. Without all the material gathering and battlefield control, players could focus on shooting each other, which is what the game was supposed to be about in the first place. Vehicles also had a bigger role, like the jetpack. Fortnite reintroduced in Chapter 3 Season 2. The game’s many weapons and explosives were already a focal point, but they can really shine without the build features. Although snipers can still take players out of combat, it’s not a big deal. Tactics also became more important as players could no longer just build a giant metal fort anywhere, leading professional players to come up with creative new ways to play, and newer, more casual players finding it easier. .

Why did Fortnite bring back building?

Fortnite Zero Build Mode is the most popular update of the game

With how popular the Zero Build mode has proven to be (as shown above via game view), and how many problems does the construction have in Fortnite, it may seem strange that Epic Games keep it. However, despite its flaws, it remains popular; some players enjoy building massive structures during their Battle Royale matches. Disgusting half of the player base for one of their most successful games probably wouldn’t be a good move for Epic, so from a business standpoint, it makes sense. It is not likely that a Fortnite 2 would be done due to the nature of the Battle Pass system, so the company must keep Fortnite happy players if you want to keep making money. Pleasing those who don’t like to build is also just as important. Whether he brought it back or removed it forever, it wouldn’t be fair to those who preferred one or the other. Zero Build mode allows Fortnite Be the best of both worlds by giving players options, just like solo, duo and team modes do.

Another reason is that construction is a central part of Fortnite. Even if it’s troublesome, it helps you stand out from the crowd. Without it, the game is not fundamentally very different from titles like apex legends either PUBG: Battlegrounds. The many crosses Fortniteit’s become known for getting boring after a while, and it might not be enough to preserve the game’s popularity if it starts to fade due to the resulting lack of individuality that permanent removal from the build might bring. Fortnite It may be one of the most popular battle royale games, if not the most popular, but if you lost a piece of what helped you rise to stardom in the first place, then you could suffer for it, and Epic Games probably knew that one.

There’s also not much reason not to at least have building as an option, especially since it’s such a big part of the game’s identity. It has a lot of nice weapons and features like sticky grenades so you don’t need to throw away something that helped make it the game it is today. Fortnite it could outlast other battle royale games for a long time if you do things right, so you have to be careful about its permanent changes. Getting rid of building forever doesn’t seem like it would do the game much good in the long run, and if it hadn’t introduced Zero Build mode, then players might have ended up demanding that. Fortnite return your signature feature eventually.

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