How to build a castle in Minecraft with Blueprint (2022)


How to build a castle in Minecraft with Blueprint (2022)

Some players show off their skills with the best minecraft parkour maps, while others like to take on a challenge with the best speedrunning seeds. But even a larger part of the Minecraft community spends time building bases. Among these bases, we have the best Minecraft houses, amazing traps, and some of the best castles. Focusing on the latter, we are here to cover how to build a castle in Minecraft so you can join the main roster of builders in the game. We’re creating a complete multi-part blueprint of a castle that you can modify, implement, and make the most of. Before you dive in, all you need is the complete knowledge of minecraft ore distribution to get your materials. With that said, let’s see how to make a castle in Minecraft the easy way.

Building a castle in Minecraft (2022)

Building a castle means building multiple smaller structures. So we’ve split up our guide to focus on all of them individually. Use the table below to explore each of these structures at your convenience.

Blueprint of a castle in Minecraft

Keeping it simple, we have divided the castle area into four main segments. When composing the Minecraft castle blueprint, these segments are as follows:

  • watchtowers (marked in red)
  • Perimeter (marked by black)
  • main castle (marked by purple)
  • Additional external rooms (marked by white and brown)
Minecraft Castle Blueprint

Once you have decided on the size of your castle, you can create a similar floor plan before you start building the structures. Such a floor plan has a simple layout and it is easy to get started with it. But if you want to go a step further, each structure in this guide can be redesigned with basic changes. Having said that, let’s build the first structure for our castle.

Make a watchtower for your castle

Before you start building the watchtower, here are the suggested blocks you should use to make this structure:

  • mossy cobblestone
  • Pebble
  • cobbled slate
  • All of his byproducts, including walls, slabs and stairs

Once you have collected all the blocks, follow the steps below to make a watchtower in Minecraft:

1. First, create four cobblestone pillars 16 blocks high. Leave a space of 2 blocks between each of them. Then lay down cobblestone slabs to create a floor-like structure on top, but have a block extend outside of the tower area. Finally, replace some paver elements with moss covered pavers for a rustic look.

four cobblestone pillars

2. Next, for the upper structure use deep slate cobblestone walls and slabs for create a border with a window opening it. Then use one of the existing pillars to create an entrance to the structure with stairs. You can use the same method to build tunnels in your Minecraft castle.

Undecorated watchtower

3. Finally, to finish it off, add some details to the watchtower like lamps and bells. Then wait until nightfall to see the watchtower in all its glory. You can also use some of the best Minecraft shaders for better results.

Watchtower in Minecraft

Build a boundary wall for your castle

Here is a list of suggested blocks you can use to make a castle boundary wall:

  • mossy cobblestone
  • Pebble
  • cobbled slate
  • moss covered stone
  • cracked stone
  • All of his byproducts, including walls, slabs and stairs

Follow these steps to build a castle cap in Minecraft:

1. To make a castle boundary, use a combination of suggested blocks to create a wall that is at least 10 blocks high. You can also connect it to the tower if you have already created one.

castle outer wall

2. Next, use a variety of evenly spaced slabs to create a top section with window of the wall. It is usually 2 blocks high, pushing the wall to a total height of 12 blocks.

outside the castle wall in minecraft

3. Finally, add other decorative elements using items like vines, lanterns, and torches. Once you’re happy with the structure, repeat it throughout your castle area. but do it leave a space four blocks wide for the entrance.

Castle limit finished in the day - How to build a castle in Minecraft

make a castle in minecraft

Now, here is the segment that everyone has been waiting for. With the outskirts ready, all that remains for us is to build the main structure of the castle in Minecraft. For that, we will mainly use the following blocks:

  • Rock
  • chiseled stone
  • polished black stone
  • All of its by-products, including walls, slabs, and stairs.

basic structure

Once you’re ready with the blocks, follow these steps to build a castle in Minecraft:

1. First, create a base floor using slabs and building blocks. The area can be as large as you want it to be. Then add stairs and decorations to one side to mark the entrance.

base of the castle

2. then create an arc to mark the entrance to the castle. Use stone walls for your side pillars and turn the stairs upside down to connect the pillars like an arch. You can also add additional walls and stairs for decoration.

    castle entrance

3. Next, use the stone walls to create a boundary of the main castle. Make sure it’s at least 3 blocks tall.

the castle wall

4. Finally, create walls for rooms structures in every corner of the castle. Make sure they are the same size and height to keep the castle symmetrical.

Castle Rooms - How to Build a Castle in Minecraft

main castle layout

Now, to turn our area into a castle in Minecraft, we have to create some distinctive features. Follow these steps to do the same.

1. First, continue with the corner rooms by extending their corners up. Then extend the walls up leaving areas for window openings.

Corner room walls.

2. Next, raise the walls in the corner and center area of ​​the roof top. The end result should look like spikes in the castle.

castle corner room peaks

3. Next, connect the corner rooms building a stone bridge between the rooms. You can then decorate it with lanterns and vines for additional effects.

bridge in the castle - How to build a castle in Minecraft

4. With that, you now know how to build all kinds of structures for complete the castle in Minecraft. We are using the pointed roof to finish the castle.

finished castle

Build your own castle in Minecraft

And so now you can easily build your own castles in Minecraft. What we have focused on today is a basic castle structure whose foundations can be used to create larger structures. But if you’re looking for inspiration, some of these best Minecraft maps can help. There is even one that recreates the castle from Game of Thrones. However, making a giant castle will not be an easy task. You may need to use some of the best Minecraft mods for extra help. These mods are powerful but exclusive to the Java edition. So yes, Bedrock players may have to use Minecraft commands to build a castle in the game. Having said that, what kind of castle are you planning to build? Tell us in the comments!