Fortnite Crew Membership April 2022 (start date, price and rewards)


Fortnite Crew Membership April 2022 (start date, price and rewards)

The April 2022 Crew Membership features a new start date, skins, and rewards. The purchase costs $11.99 and will be active for the entire month.

The April Crew Membership is available at Fortnite with your own start time, price and rewards. The Fortnite Crew Pack is an in-game subscription service as a means of giving players the opportunity to earn additional V-Bucks. Every month, players receive a new exclusive skin with its own set of cosmetic items. This is completely separate from the Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass, but is all-in. It is a package to consider if gamers spend a lot of time playing. Fortnite.

In March Crew Membership for Fortnite, players enjoyed Tracy Trouble’s skin, her charming Skully Back Bling, and her heartbreaking Heartslash pickaxe. The good thing about this subscription service is that it will include that Battle Pass for the season that is currently active. For Chapter 2 Season 3, players level up and complete challenges to unlock all of their rewards, including the Doctor Strange skin. While this season has been running for a few weeks now, the April Crew Membership will unlock access right away. It will be available at the end of March.


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Membership of The April Crew for Fortnite will be released on March 31 at 8pm EST. It will cost $11.99 USD and will be a recurring payment unless the player says otherwise. The big look in this pack is Sayara, a pink and black ninja skin with her own set of cosmetics. These cosmetics are the Sayara Back Blind Fangs, the Dual Machettas Pickaxe, and the Sayara Sight Wrap for weapons. Then of course there is the inclusion of 1000 V-Bucks and the Battle Pass if the player does not already have it. If the player already has the Battle Pass, he will receive 950 V-Bucks as a replacement.

The April Crew Membership Items in Fortnite

Players can register for the Fortnite Crew within the Item Shop or within the Battle Pass tab. Ultimately, this pass is best for players who spend a lot of their time on Fortnite looking for some additional items to collect. There are no additional challenges or missions added with this pack, so it’s strictly for cosmetics and V-Bucks. Sayara, the skin included in this pack, also appears to be connected to the cat clan in the game. This skin will likely remain exclusive to the subscription service and won’t be hitting the item shop any time soon.

Generally, players who are interested in wearing this skin should get Crew Membership by April. With tons of different ways to unlock V-Bucks in Fortnite, no need to purchase a subscription to earn even more. Additional V-Bucks can come in handy if an amazing skin is released in the store. It’s common for video game characters like Kratos and Master Chief to find their way onto the Battle Bus. It’s possible that those extra V-Bucks from the pack can be used to unlock that skin.

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