Northman Roots; Romantic comedy revival; minecraft foundry


Northman Roots;  Romantic comedy revival;  minecraft foundry

Tribeca Film Festival schedule announced; viking co-writer Sjón lists the traits of a proper Viking saga; Jason Momoa is ready to Minecraft, and the project manager might surprise you. Also, we examine the ringerThe best romantic comedy list and Julia Roberts explains why she took a 20-year break from the genre that made her famous. All in today’s movie news roundup.

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the northerner Estate: Director Robert Eggers, co-writer Sjón (who also co-wrote Mutton), and cinematographer Jarin Blaschke share what happened to the intense research and most intense production of their bloody Viking Saga, the northerner. Sjón lists some key touchstones of the Norse genre. These include “at least one good encounter with the undead”, one bodily mutilation, and “one good proper betrayal”.

Tribeca lineup: The newly announced lineup for this year’s Tribeca Film Festival includes 110 feature films and 43 shorts, and the 12-day festival, which begins June 8, opens and closes with documentaries. up first is Halftimewhich “provides an intimate behind-the-scenes look that reveals the grit and determination that make Jennifer Lopez the icon she is,” according to Tribeca. bigmouth, a documentary about Reverend Al Sharpton, closes the festival on June 18. Here is the full lineup.

Dracula assassinated: Karyn Kusama was working on a Dracula movie with Blumhouse and Miramax, but the hollywood reporter He says the project is no longer progressing. “Miramax is said to have gone out, torpedoing what would have been a modern version of the myth.” THR reports. The modern version of the century-old vampire would take place in Los Angeles, where Kusama’s last movie was filmed. Destroyer it was established. Robert Eggers sympathizes.

From the computer monitor to the big screen: My niece’s favorite video game is getting a movie adaptation, the hollywood reporter He says. napoleon dynamite director Jared Hess is set to direct Minecraft, with Jason Momoa as the protagonist. Warner Bros. has been working on an adaptation of the extremely popular game for years.

A brief history of Minecraft:Minecraft debuted in 2011 and allows players to use blocks to create structures and worlds. The game became a sensation, reaching 100 million users just a few years after launch and helping Microsoft acquire Mojang for $2.5 billion in 2014. THR write I knew the game was popular but, Wow.

The return of Julia Roberts: It’s been four years since the A-list movie star starred in good is back and the amazon series Homecomingbut come back in a few days in the Starz miniseries gas light. For the occasion, she sat with the New York Times for a charming and enlightening interview. This fall, Roberts will return to the romantic comedy genre for the first time in 20 years with ticket to paradise, co-starring George Clooney and directed by Ol Parker. On her conspicuous absence from the rom-com genre, Roberts is candid: “People sometimes misunderstand how long it’s been since I’ve done a rom-com like I haven’t.” short to make one If I had read something I thought it was that notting hill writing level or My best friend’s Wedding level of crazy fun, I would. They didn’t exist until this movie I just did, which Ol Parker wrote and directed.”

Roberts also says: “What I’ve learned is that you always want to do what you’re not doing. Every time I’m in a sitcom, I think I just want to be at a table with a cup of tea sobbing about something. So you’re doing that, and you’re like, ‘Oh, wear a nice dress and laugh.’”

Best romantic comedies: Speaking of romantic comedies, the ringer has published its list of The 50 best romantic comedies in movie history.. Before you get upset about the lack of old movies on the list, the lack of black romantic comedies, and the quirky statement that annie lounge winning four Oscars was one of the “five undeniable blockbuster moments” in the genre, even though annie lounge It’s not on the final list… I just know that Twitter came in first.

What is your favorite romantic comedy? Let us know in the comments. I don’t know if I would consider groundhog day a traditional “romantic comedy,” but it did the ringerfrom the list and it would be my choice.

Main image: Jason Momoa, protagonist of the next Minecraftin London in 2017. Courtesy of Shutterstock.