Lightsabers May Return To Fortnite On Star Wars Day, Leaks Claim


Lightsabers May Return To Fortnite On Star Wars Day, Leaks Claim

Leakers claim that Fortnite’s limited-time lightsaber weapons could return once again in time for this year’s May 4 Star Wars celebrations.

A credible source has suggested that lightsabers could be making a comeback. Fortnite in time for Star Wars Day on May 4. Epic’s hugely successful multiplayer battle royale has crossed over with several other franchises over the years, from Marvel Comics and The Walking Dead for God of War Y Unexplored. Some of these collaborations have resulted in guest character skins, while others have allowed players to wear special skins. Fortnite Team up like Spider-Man’s web-shooters to travel around the island.

One of the many franchises with which to come across Fortnite it is Star Warsas Epic Games and Lucasfilm collaborated for the first time in the preparation for 2019 Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Several of the film’s main characters were added to Fortnite as playable skins, a sneak peek was shown to players logged in at a certain time for virtual viewing, and there was even an ominous message from Emperor Palpatine announcing his return from the dead. The Fortnite/Star Wars crossovers would continue in subsequent years, with an X-Wing Glider being offered to players who pre-ordered Star Wars: Squadsan easter egg inspired by Han Solo’s brief time as a prisoner of Jabba The Hutt encased in carbonite that appears in Fortnite Season 5, and even Boba Fett being introduced as a Fortnite character skin. Rumors have begun to hint that Darth Vader could appear in Fortnite at some point, but fans could be seeing the return of a traditional staple of the Star Wars galaxy before that.


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Fortnite news account FortniteBR recently tweeted that lightsabers may return to the game during this year’s Star Wars Day celebration on May 4 (via dexerto). AN Fortnite data miner by Twitter handle of LunakisLeaks supported this claim and stated that the four previously available lightsaber variants: Luke Skywalker’s green-bladed sword from return of the jedi, Rey’s Skywalker Family blue lightsaber from the Sequel trilogy, Kylo Ren’s red cross-guard saber, and Mace Windu’s purple sword will return as wearable items in Fortnite. Additionally, LunakisLeaks posted a gameplay clip of Fortnite lightsabers in action, allowing players to parry, roll, and slash at enemies.

Lightsabers were first introduced in Fortnite during the mentioned the rise of skywalker promotion, where they proved to be a fairly popular if overpowered weapon among Fortnite Epic players would bring back lightsabers during the 2020 Star Wars Day celebration, though the Jedi’s most powerful weapon was nowhere to be found in 2021. Meanwhile, Star Wars Day has always been a time when that fans have gathered to celebrate characteristic science fiction. mega-franchise with special events, and Lucasfilm has often used the day to make exciting announcements about the future of Star Wars.

This year’s Star Wars Day could be particularly exciting, considering the long-awaited Obi Wan Kenobi The series will finally air on Disney Plus later this year and multiple AAA Star Wars video games are currently in the works. With all this in mind, now might be a good time to Star Wars’ Iconic lightsaber to return Fortnite one more time.

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Source: FortniteBR/Twitter, LunakisLeaks/Twitter (via

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