How to watch Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022: new VR games


How to watch Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022: new VR games

The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 kicks off tomorrow, with Meta teasing a series of gameplay-focused announcements and updates, and rumors suggest we might even see new hardware at the gaming-focused event.

Here’s everything there is to know about the 2022 Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, including showtimes, how to watch it live, and what to expect from the show.

When is Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022?

This year’s Meta Quest Gaming Showcase is scheduled to kick off in 10am PST on April 20, 2022which translates as 1:00 p.m. EST Y 6:00 p.m. BST for those tuning in from the UK.

Don’t worry if you miss the show; As with last year’s showcase, it should be available to stream via the company’s Twitch and YouTube channels after the broadcast. You can still watch last year’s showcase if you really want to!

oculus quest 2

How can I watch Meta Quest Gaming Showcase online?

As with nearly all tech and gaming events in 2022, the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase will be streamed live on official Meta Quest Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. You’ll be able to tune in to your favorite platform from the comfort of your home and see what Meta has planned for the next 12 months.

Being a VR-focused event, Meta has gone the extra mile by streaming the event live directly on their Horizon Venues VR app.

The app is available on the Oculus Quest 2 and original Quest, allowing you to experience a completely virtual ad with other Oculus fans. It’s the closest thing to an in-person event that some will have experienced for quite some time!

We’ve embedded the live stream of the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase below, so simply bookmark this page and come back at 10am PST/6pm BST on April 20 to find out what Meta has planned.

What to expect from Meta Quest Gaming Showcase

As confirmed by Meta in its announcement blog post, this year’s Quest Gaming Showcase will feature “new game announcements, first look at games, updates to games coming next year, and plenty of surprises.”

While the promise of new announcements and gameplay reveals sounds exciting, what specifically should we expect this year?

among us VR

One of the only confirmed titles to appear during the showcase is Among Us VR, a title first revealed on Oculus Connect in October 2021 to much fanfare.

While there isn’t much in the way of gameplay available at the moment, that’s expected to change at the showcase, with the game’s official Twitter account confirming its upcoming appearance.

Separate rumors claim that the game will release later this year, possibly in December according to a Steam database leak, so that would be a good place for developers to get going.

GTA: San Andreas VR

While not confirmed at this time, it’s more than likely that Meta will take the opportunity to delve into the world of GTA San Andreas VR, the company’s biggest reveal of its 2021 Oculus Connect event.

Although no footage has been released to date, expectations are high after the release of the impressive Resident Evil 4 VR that developers will be able to deliver an immersive virtual experience in one of the most famous open world titles of all time.

We’re expecting some form of gameplay reveal, though the lack of any screenshots or images to date suggests we may not get a release date just yet.

Other game announcements

Of course, the showcase will not focus on just two games. Rumors suggest we could be seeing Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom for the first time in the showcase, with developer Maze Theory confirming there’s still a 2022 release date, though we’re not quite sure when 2022 might be.

Pistol Whip developer Cloudhead Games recently confirmed that it’s working on a new “next-gen” AAA title with “deeper scope and vision,” so it’s possible we could get a sneak peek during the showcase as well.

It’s also possible we’ll get updates to existing games, with the ever-popular Beat Saber a likely candidate for new songs, maps, and possibly even new game modes.

new VR headset

There’s a slim chance we’ll see the high-end Project Cambria headset introduced last year fully revealed at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase.

Analyst Ben Lynch suggested a possible launch in the second quarter of 2022, although most recent predictions analyst Ming-Chi Kuo paints a picture of a 2H222 release sometime between July and December 2022. Given Quest 2’s release in October 2020, this seems more likely for the higher-end Quest.

If you’re curious about the “next quest,” we cover all the latest Quest 2 Pro (Project Cambia) rumors separately.

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