Best Fortnite Skins Ranked (2022): Tryhard Skins, Sweaty Skins, and Rare Outfits


Best Fortnite Skins Ranked (2022): Tryhard Skins, Sweaty Skins, and Rare Outfits

If you are new to the world of Fortnite, you will be constantly bombarded with a lot of new jargon that can leave you scratching your head. What exactly is a sweat? Well, he’s someone who tries so hard to look flashy while gaming, that he’s sweating by the time a battle is over. Whether it’s building huge buildings in a matter of seconds or bouncing like a kid on a trampoline while doing crazy tricks, you need to avoid looking like this if you want to maintain a good reputation.

But what about gamers who want to be flashy and look good while doing it? As long as you have the skills to back it up, you can try one of these sets as we’re going to rank the The 5 coolest skins and the 5 sweatiest skins that you can currently hold in your hands at Fortnite!

The coolest skins in Fortnite

#5. Cooler – Peely


It’s not hard to see why this skin is peeling, with a bright color palette and unique design, you’re sure to trip up your opponents when you shoot them across the map with a sniper rifle while you’re a behemoth. plantain.

#4 Coolest: Ariana Grande


this is not the one with ariana grande first trip to fantasy world, but it’s a unique skin that offers great cosmetics to go with it. And the fact that you can see her in a concert in the game and then continue with some cosmetic options is super cool.

#3 Coolest: Janky and Guggimon


Seeing the two icons on the super plastic The Designer Vinyl line to get your skins in Fortnite was almost unreal when it was first announced. Being able to bring these two “virtual influencers” into Battle Royale was a great choice, as their aesthetic pairs so well with Fortnite.

#2 Coolest: Master Chief


The internet collectively exploded when they heard that Spartan 117 was headed to Battle Royale, and it’s clear why. One of the most influential game series of all time, making the crossover into Fortnite was a great way to attract a whole new audience.

#1 Coolest: Polar Patroller

polar patrol ship

Not only does this skin give you great camouflage to hide in, but it’s also a massive bear, complete with an eye patch that could easily kick your ass. If that doesn’t scream “cool,” I don’t even know what does anymore. Offering an excellent line of cosmetics that comes with it, we can’t wait to see this one back in the store ASAP!

Sweatiest skins in Fortnite (2022)

#5 Sweatiest – Spiderman


Look, don’t get us wrong. It’s surprising to see that Marvel and Fortnite have crossed paths many times, but the Symbiote Suit Spiderman has to go. Since the character is almost all black, it’s hard to spot them when he’s completely dark, giving them ample room to hide and escape, only to sneak up on you without you knowing.

#4 Sweatiest – Naruto


With the influx of fans getting their hands on the series after Naruto’s fall, it’s easy to see why it’s become a popular skin among sweaty gamers. Offering a cel-shaded graphic style, you’ll look great while firing a shotgun at your enemies, but the number of sweaty players in these skins makes us wish they were ever created.

#3 sweatiest – Aura


Aura is considered sweaty because it is not overly full of visual information. Being just a fairly generic skin, there isn’t much blocking your view when wearing it, and many high level Fortnite players choose it for this reason.

#2 Sweatiest: Football Skins (Original)


The original football skins that came out in 2018 are considered to be some of the sweatiest skins because so much customization can be applied to them. You’ve been in the game for a while at this point if you stick to this skin, and duos and squads could be customized and all look the same, making it hard to know who to focus fire on.

#1 Sweatiest – No Limits (Black or White)


These skins are just cheats if we are to be honest. Fortunately, Epic has changed it so that you can no longer completely erase or obscure your character, making them nearly invisible in certain conditions. These skins are banned in competitive play, but if you had them during their heyday and saved the settings, you’ll be able to continue using them.

And there we have it, our list of the coolest, sweatiest skins! Keep an eye out for updated guides in the future!

Fortnite is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.