The Obscure series of horror games should return


The Obscure series of horror games should return

The success of survival horror franchises like resident Evil Y Silent Hill it inspired a number of imitations of varying degrees of quality. Two of the most underrated resident Evil clones is from 2004 Dark and its sequel, dark 2. It’s been over a decade since a new game in the series has been released, and while it’s highly unlikely it will ever see the light of day, it’s a series that deserves to return.

For those who are not familiar with Dark and its sequel, the games are classic style survival horror titles in the vein of old school resident Evil Y Silent Hill. The original Dark follows five high school students trapped in their school and confronted with supernatural threats. The cast features high school stereotypes, with a jock, drug addict, cheerleader, etc., all with their own unique abilities. A character dying in Dark it did not mean the end of the game, but rather that things would continue with the rest of the cast alive, a feature that was later seen in horror games such as the popular Until sunrise. The sequel picks up where the previous game left off, but with a new cast of characters and a new setting. dark 2 it was also available for the Wii, which brought motion controls into the mix.


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In Darkplayers explore the school, solve puzzles, and fight monsters in a style that is exactly like an old resident Evil match. However, the key feature that establishes Dark and its separate sequel is its co-op. Dark Y dark 2 both feature simultaneous local co-op play, which was virtually unheard of for the genre. And when survival horror games did have co-op, they were often only online, as was the case with Resident Evil Outbreak.

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a new Dark It would be great to see a game, especially since classic-style survival horror games are hard to find, as are local co-op games. But although it seems highly unlikely that a dark 3 will ever be released, the good news is that the first two games are available via Steam. HD versions of Dark Y dark 2 released on Steam in 2016 and 2014, respectively, so at least the games aren’t completely stuck on outdated hardware.

Steam versions of Dark Y dark 2 have been well received, with the original especially having an overwhelmingly positive response. The games retain popular features found in the original releases, including local co-op support. Better yet, both titles can be collected in one dark collection for just $14.99, making them a steal.

Still, it would be nice to see these HD versions of Dark come to more platforms. Unfortunately, the companies behind the game are basically defunct at the moment, so it’s unclear if that will ever be a possibility. For now, fans of old-school survival horror should consider giving these games a shot on Steam, especially if they have a co-op partner to bring along for the ride.

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