Minecraft Enchantment Ranking for Bows in Minecraft (2022)


Minecraft Enchantment Ranking for Bows in Minecraft (2022)

Minecraft has many different weapons that players can use during the game: swords, axes, bows, and crossbows. But players can enchant these weapons to make them even better.

Bows are a great option for players looking to deal ranged damage and have plenty of enchantments to choose from. Here are all the enchantments for bows in Minecraft, ranked.

Minecraft Enchantment Ranking for Bows in Minecraft (2022)

Players can enchant bows using different methods. Of course, players can place a bow on an enchantment table and choose from many enchantments to apply from there.

They can also use enchanted books and an anvil to accurately choose the enchantment for their bow. Although they enchant their gear, certain enchantments are best.

7) Curse of Disappearance

Curse of Vanishing causes the item enchanted with it to be lost when the player dies. A player with a bow enchanted with Curse of Vanishing will lose the bow forever upon death.

It doesn’t matter if the bow was equipped or just in your inventory. If the player dies, he will continue to disappear. This is not ideal for players, and this enchantment should be avoided.

6) unbreakable

Unbreakable is, without a doubt, an excellent enchantment for players to use. This allows the weapon to be used more times before it breaks. There are three levels of Unbreaking. An unenchanted standard bow can be shot 384 times before breaking.

With Unbreaking I this goes up to 768, 1152 with Unbreaking II and 1536 with Unbreaking III. However, there are better enchantments that a player can use on a bow.

5) Call

Flame is a great enchantment for bows that causes them to release flaming arrows when fired. This enchantment will cause things that are flammable to catch fire. This of course also includes mobs.

Mobs that provide meat like cows and chickens to the fire can drop cooked versions of their meat when they die. However, mobs that are killed by fire do not grant XP orbs to the player.

4) Punch

Knockback is a wonderful enchantment for players to have on their bow. After all, a bow is a ranged attack, and being able to knock enemies back will help keep them at range.

There are two levels of Punch, and each one pushes the enemy back three blocks, for a maximum of 6 block knockback at the max level. Players can knock enemies into lava or cliffs, and this enchantment leads to some exciting gameplay in Minecraft.

3) power

Might is a solid enchantment for bows in Minecraft. This increases the damage of arrows fired. The power has five ranks, with the first rank providing a 50% damage increase and each additional rank adding 25% for a maximum increase of 150%.

A fully charged Power V arrow that hits a critical shot can deal 25 damage or 12.5 hearts. This is enough to kill an unarmored player in 1 hit.

2) infinity

Infinity makes players able to shoot unlimited arrows from their bow. This is an excellent charm for someone who wants to use their bow.

However, what prevents this enchantment from being number one on the list is that it cannot be used with arrows with special tips, and fired arrows cannot be retrieved. However, he is still a great charm and ranks high on the list.

1) Repair

Mending is a fantastic enchantment that allows players to convert some of the experience orbs they gain from killing mobs into bow durability. This does it, so the bow is repaired only by killing enemies.

This cannot be used with Infinity, but for players who have access to a lot of arrows or want to use arrows with special tips, there is nothing better than having the Mending enchantment in Minecraft.