Top 10 Minecraft PvP Servers (2022)


Top 10 Minecraft PvP Servers (2022)

Do you think you are the best Minecraft player in the world? In general, pros know the best Minecraft enchantments, have a ton of powerful potions, and can quickly complete the best speedrun seeds. If any of these sounds familiar, you just need to buff and test his skills to become the next best Minecrafter. And there’s no better place to test that than the best Minecraft PvP servers. Here you can take part in a series of challenges and compete directly against players from all over the world. If that seems overwhelming, you can also have fun in competitions with a group of your friends. One way or another, the Minecraft multiplayer experience isn’t complete without these best PvP servers. With that being said, let’s dive in and check this out!

Best PvP Servers to Battle Other Minecraft Players (April 2022)

We have covered Minecraft PvP servers for Bedrock and Java editions. You can find the address of each server in its description, along with the edition it supports. Also, our list is not ranked, so use the table below to explore the Minecraft PvP server you like at your convenience.

1. PvP Land

Starting off with a bang in the PvP world, we have the PvP Land server. As its name implies, it is a fully-fledged single server. dedicated to PvP games. It has an open world where players can try to take down each other while trying to rank on the leaderboard. But before it becomes overwhelming for new players, the server supports seasonal resets and updates.

PvP ground server

What really sets PvP Land apart from other servers is its combat robots. Before you’re ready to fight real players, you can fight custom bots on the server for practice. They are designed to replicate the unpredictable movements of real players and improve your combat skills.


  • Java address:

If you don’t like changes and restarts, this is one of the best Minecraft PvP servers for you. Foxcraft is known for constantly running its worlds, often for years at a time. So if you build a base and collect items in the world on this server, they likely won’t be gone until at least 2024. But with the lack of resets comes the unfair play of power on PvP servers.

Foxcraft Minecraft PvP Server

Many players dominate this server, thanks to the long time they have invested to improve their skills and prepare to fight against players. But, taking them down from the top is definitely a fun challenge to take on. However, if that’s not your style, the server also has classic game modes, including prison, skyblock, and creative.

3. Purple Prison

  • Java address:

Our next entry, Purple Prison is one of the most popular PvP servers that is also peaceful. It is built around a prison theme with cells, yards, prisoners, and more. Players can participate in custom daily PvP events to earn in-game rewards, which help them use server shops and even auction houses.

purple prison

The one feature Purple Prison provides that no other PvP server has is peace In your world. Of course, it’s a server where you can fight against other players, but you also have the option not to. With dedicated break areas and safe zones, you can also just hang out and make friends at Purple Prison.

4. Minplex

  • Java address:
  • Bedrock Direction:

Mineplex is one of the most popular Minecraft servers of all time. Have thousands of active players logging in daily to play in both Minecraft Java and Bedrock. In terms of games, Mineplex brings clans, arcades, survival, skywards, and more options. There are also some non-PvP games to keep you entertained. However, the main focus of the server is on mini-games and custom content rather than a huge open PvP world.


Due to its ever-growing community, Mineplex keep adding new thematic content around every major festival. So, you get a scary Halloween, a wholesome Christmas, and so much more. In general, there is always something new for players to try, both solo and in a group. You just have to find what suits your taste.

5. PvP Center

  • Java address: (version 1.18)

Our next entry is a custom coded Minecraft PvP server that has a variety of exclusive features. The funniest part of this server is the uhc mode, which is not common today. In this mode, players spawn in random locations in a Minecraft world. They then have a few minutes to prepare before a full “last person standing” battle begins. This game mode is similar to games like PUBG.

PVP hub server

Other than that, it has several custom game modes, including PvP arenas, bed-wars, and more. But even with so many fun games, this server has one major drawback. It only works fine on minecraft 1.8 so you should downgrade your game before jumping in to play on this server.

6. SMP Donut

  • Java address:
  • Bedrock Direction:

Our next best Minecraft PvP server is Donut SMP, which is an asset stalwart server. Here, if a player dies, he can’t rejoin until after two real-world days. You should only get on this server if you are confident in your combat skills and can survive against some of the cruelest players. Everything including dueling, stealing, and assassination is allowed on this PvP server.

Donut Smp PVP Server

As for the gameplay, the server offers game modes Hardcore, Survival, Anarchy, Vanilla, One Life, OneTrySMP, Lifestealsmp and more. Each of them has a lot at stake. So if you are a gamer who really wants to put your combat skills to the test, Donut SMP is waiting for you.

7. Wild Prison

  • Java address:

Wild Prison, as the name suggests, is one of the most competitive Minecraft PvP servers. It has a main prison theme with tons of custom features. You get tokens, unique pickaxes, lucky blocks, gifts and more to make your place in this world. The server continuously provides players with the opportunity to test and improve their skills through PvP games and contests.

Wild Prison Pvp Minecraft Server

In addition to the PvP experience, the server also has Minecraft custom enchantments, gangs, free ranks, and even unique pets. Overall, Wild Prison offers a lot for you to discover and be entertained.

8. Hyperpixel

  • Java address:

If you have been in the online community, you must have heard of the Hypixel server. It is one of the oldest Minecraft servers with a huge community and amazing game modes. We have a separate guide on how to join Hypixel server, and it can help you easily get familiar with this server in depth. But more or less, it has everything you could want in an online Minecraft server.

Hypixel game statues

The server hosts players from all over the world with the support of 18 languages ​​and 19 custom game modes. So if you don’t already have a Minecraft team, Hypixel and your creative server have you covered.

9. Galaxyite

  • Bedrock Direction:

Most PvP player servers generally focus on the vanilla survival world of Minecraft. The only exception to this is the best Minecraft prison servers. But that is no longer the case. Galaxite is a Bedrock Minecraft PvP server that is based on a cosmic theme and comes with unique planets, alien structures, and many active players.


As for the game modes, it allows players to compete in “Prop Hunt”, “Fill the Gaps”, and a custom bed war mode called “Planets”. In addition to these three-game modes, the server has creative features like player parties, season updates, and an in-game battle pass to unlock custom skins.

10. Complex games

  • Java address:

Lastly, we have Complex Gaming, which is a Minecraft PvP server known for a variety of things. It has its own competitive Pixelmon server, realms, Tekkit, vanilla, and even FTB. Each of these modes is packed with a number of the best Minecraft mods and together they offer a unique and entertaining Minecraft experience.

MC complex

If unique game modes seem like a common theme, this server tries to stand out with its fun custom Minecraft maps. Some of these are dedicated to popular pop culture icons, including Marvel superheroes, Pokemon, SpongeBob SquarePants, and more.

Fight and survive on these Minecraft PvP servers

And so, now you have a list of the best Minecraft PvP servers to choose from. Some are more competitive than others, and some are straight up battlegrounds. You can choose the one that interests you the most. But make sure to install OptiFine in Minecraft Java to improve performance. It also allows you to run the best Minecraft shaders to enhance the look of already amazing maps. Each of the PvP servers here is home to a variety of skilled players ready to do battle. For some players, that’s the dream, and for others, it can be a bit overwhelming. If you are in the latter group, the best option is create a private minecraft server. Here, only a select group of players will be present to compete and play. But if you plan to play with the online community, which best Minecraft PvP server are you going to choose? Tell us in the comments!