Minecraft House Design – 10 Best and Cool Minecraft House Design Ideas You Must Try


Minecraft House Design – 10 Best and Cool Minecraft House Design Ideas You Must Try

Minecraft is a popular game with colored blocks that can be used to build anything you can imagine. Since it is a survival game, building a shelter is a must to protect yourself from Creepers, zombies, and other mobs that usually come out at night to attack you. Minecraft offers an overwhelming number of options when it comes to building your house. You can create a small cabin to survive or build a huge mansion to store your minecraft diamonds and other resources. If you are running out of design ideas, here are some of the best and cool Minecraft house designs that you should try:

We have compiled a list of cool Minecraft house ideas that will inspire you to create your own amazing house.

Best Minecraft House Ideas

Here are some of the best Minecraft house designs that you should check out:

1. Modern Minecraft House

minecraft house

A modern house in Minecraft would look like the houses you usually see in the real world. You can make a great house that looks like a mansion using the right materials. Materials like stone, wood, clay and glass can be used to build different structures in the house. Created by goodtimeswithscar, the modern house can take a lot of time and planning to build. You can also create a landscape garden around the house to make it look even better.

2. Farm

You can build a self-sufficient farmhouse in Minecraft that not only looks fantastic but also allows you to grow a large amount of food. You can create small square farms divided by fences for different types of plants. Created by Juns Mab, this farmhouse design will allow you to expand your farm around the house quite easily. Building a farmhouse may seem like a lot of work, but it would save you the time and effort required to search for food in minecraft.

3. Aquarius House

Designed and created by SheepGG, the aquarium house is a creative house design for minecraft. The house has a two-story aquarium filled with plants, fish, and other marine life. Also, the Minecraft house has a modern aesthetic and is surrounded by different types of plants. You will need a lot of glass to build the aquarium and other parts of the house. The the aquarium house is quite easy to build once you have all the necessary materials.

4. Wooden house

The wooden house in Minecraft will remind you of an old wooden cabin in a forest. Created by greg builds, the wooden house has a symmetrical layout and plenty of interior space for furniture. The spacious house can be useful when playing with many friends as they can easily hang out at your house. Finally, you can add some plants around the house to complete the building process.

5. Beach House

A beach house is an ideal choice in Minecraft if your starting location is near the coast. Designed by Keralis, the beach house has a clean, modern aesthetic with a pool right outside the house. The beach house offers a relaxing abode after a day full of Minecraft adventures. The process of building a beach house can be quite tedious as you need to find a lot of materials. Once you have gathered all the materials, it becomes easier to build the house.

6. Tree house

Minecraft allows you to build amazing tree houses with various layouts. You can easily build a small treehouse with just a couple of rooms or a huge one with a balcony, different rooms, and more. The tree house created by shock frost it is enough impressive when it comes to its size and overall structure. The tree house is also quite spacious, which allows you to add a lot of furniture to decorate the interior of the house.

7. Underground House

If building a normal house in Minecraft doesn’t excite you that much, you can build an underground house. Designed and created by Spudetti, the underground house has a unique design that looks great from an aerial view. The house is divided into four sections that can be used for store different types of items or to place furniture. The house has a wide open transparent roof, which would be great for stargazing or sunny blue skies.

8. Underwater house

If you liked the minecraft underground house idea, you can also try building an underwater house. The underwater house was created by random boy steve and has a modern aesthetic. The upper floor of the house can be seen above the water, while the two lower floors are submerged under water. Since the house is covered in clear glass, you can observe the marine life in Minecraft while relaxing in your house. you can also use minecraft shaders to improve the texture the water quality and make it look even more realistic.

9. Mountain House

zaypixelThe Mountain House has a fantastic design using procedurally generated mountains in Minecraft. The wooden architecture on a mountain along with climbing vines for decoration gives the house a beautiful atmosphere. You can also do a farm under the house to make it more beautiful and functional. Building the mountain house can take a bit of time as you would need to carve a mountain with a pickaxe before you start.

10. Japanese house

If you are a fan of anime, you may be eager to explore Japan and its amazing culture. You can experience a little glimpse of Japan in Minecraft by building a huge Japanese house. blue bitsThe Japanese house is quite impressive and resembles the houses you may have seen in anime series and movies. The house has a large enclosure and a great design with Japanese architecture. You will need a lot of materials to build the Japanese house, and it would be a very time consuming process. Is It is recommended to ask a friend for help to build a Japanese house..

frequent questions

How to find more Minecraft house designs?

Many content creators create and share minecraft house ideas on Youtube. You can simply enter minecraft house in the search bar on the website or mobile app to find various tutorials on how to build different types of minecraft houses.

How to get wood and cobblestones in Minecraft?

Wood and cobblestone are two of the most common materials in Minecraft that can be used to build houses. To get some wood, you need to find a tree and chop it down with an axe. Meanwhile, you can get cobblestone by mining a stone block with a pickaxe.