Become Legend Reveals Ax Of Real-Life FNCS Champions


Become Legend Reveals Ax Of Real-Life FNCS Champions

The European organization Fortnite Become Legends brought the Ax of Champions to life.

The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) is the game’s quintessential measuring stick for the best players and teams. Epic Games has hosted 13 FNCS-branded events. Since its inception in 2019, we’ve seen several of Fortnite’s top talent rise to the top and claim an FNCS title.

A long list of legends have claimed a championship; Williams “Zayt” Aubin, Rocco “Saf” Morales, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, David “aqua” Wang, and many more. FNCS tournaments continued around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring a stable competitive ecosystem. While many champions have come and gone, the FNCS remains a staple in competitive Fortnite.

In addition to receiving thousands of dollars in prizes, the regional winners would ultimately claim the elusive Ax of Champions pickaxe. This reward added more incentive to those who competed for a championship. Local European organization called Become Legends recently took this concept a step further, revealing tangible, real-life FNCS trophies.

The Ax of Champions: A Brief History

Fortnite Ax of Champions, a golden ax with the FNCS logo.  The same logo can be seen in a faint gray on the black background.

Nearly two years ago, Epic Games announced that FNCS winners would receive not only a sizable chunk of the prize pool, but also an in-game reward known as the Ax of Champions. The tournament victors would don the harvesting tool for a full season until the next wave of FNCS winners claimed the throne. The players mentioned above and many more have held the Ax of Champions. However, those winners eventually part ways with the item after the upcoming FNCS Finals.

Become Legend Build Ax of Real Life Champions

Become Legends, a Norway-based Fortnite organization, is home to some of the best players in Europe. While their roster is currently small, current members such as Iwo “Setty” Zając and Michał “Kami” Kamiński have become synonymous with success on the European scene. In fact, these two Polish players won FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8 and finished second in the subsequent FNCS Grand Royale.

His successes led Become Legends to build a real-life FNCS Ax of Champions. The organization’s Commercial Director, Renato “Reno” Mahmutagic, made this dream come true. In the video, Reno revealed the Ax of Champions and gave it to Setty as a reward for his FNCS win. The trophy is an accurate replica of the exact item from the past and current winner’s sport in the game, with the same color scheme and proprietary logo.

The Ax of Champions presented to Setty adds another layer of prestige to an already impressive achievement. It took him five months to complete according to the video, which begs the question; Can Epic Games go ahead?

Should Epic follow suit?

Professional Fortnite player Kyle

The Fortnite World Cup in 2019 saw Bugha, aqua, and nyhrox walk away with a stack of cash and a trophy for their outstanding performances. It’s a reflection of Fortnite’s perhaps competitive peak. All three players can see the impressive World Cup trophy as a reminder of the hard work and dedication required for such an achievement. Unfortunately, Epic hasn’t stayed true to this model. While the in-game Ax of Champions is a timeless keepsake, nothing beats a real trophy.

Become Legends laid the foundation for Fortnite trophies in the FNCS era. The formula is simple; include the names of each player and use each season’s unique color scheme and logo. There’s no denying that FNCS competitors would enjoy a physical reward for overcoming such insurmountable odds. Hopefully future FNCS champions will collect a trophy for their hard work. For now, the BL organization delivered a seemingly unrealistic concept.